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It was still dark and the wife was sound asleep, but I was up and in the shower before 5:00 am which is unusual for me. I could hear the rain on the roof which meant the drive to Orange County was going to be long. Today was the day I was finally going to revisit Bruce’s very nice 40 Ford tudor sedan. Bruce built this car as a clone to Mc Coy’s sedan of the 50’s. I had looked at the car several years ago to purchase but was not in a position to do so at the time. I forgot about the car until recently when my friend Bob said his brother was looking for a 50’s styled sedan.

The drive to OC was not as bad as anticipated but did take about 90 minutes. When we arrived we were greeted by Bob’s receptionist and soon we were looking at the flamed forty sedan. Bruce had it on the rack which makes showing a car’s undercarriage very easy. The car was standing tall and looking good. I could tell from the gleam in Steve’s eye that this one was going home with us. The car shows very well and is detailed underneath which we all liked. A car that has been sitting for several years is not always easy to show to a customer. Old gas, dull paint, faded whitewalls and the list goes on. Bruce’s car had none of that in our eyes. After driving the car and making the deal we looked around Jocko’s Speed Shop which is Bruce’s hobby shop and memorabilia palace. Moon, Hurst, Halibrand, signs and parts are everywhere you look. I am sure he likes to relax in this shop from time to time.

We left Bruce, who after 30 years of ownership was parting with his baby, to take one last look and recall the good times he had in the forty. After a nice breakfast at the Katella Deli to discuss the purchase, we were on our way home. Some days just are made for looking at forty Fords.

My daughter is coming home and the Roaming Relics car show is Sunday so this will be a great weekend for our family.

Stay Tooned!


The customer waiting area provides a lot of “Stuff” to look at. Note tool rental rates.

When Bruce opened the door to Jocko’s speed shop and we entered the workshop this is what we saw. All of our faces had smiles and the sickness came back again. The shiny black paint and flames were an instant hit.

Once outside the car looked even better. The day was overcast but you could see how nice the car really was.

A forty sedan needs to sit low in the front and this one does. A TCI IFS makes it easy to lower and more fun to drive. Steve loved the way the car handled and he has owned forties in the past that did not handle this good.

Eddie did his usual outstanding tuck and roll interior in the car and trunk. Black and white really looks good in a 40 Ford.

The rear seat area is quite large and will provide lots of room for the grandkids. Note striping in headliner.

Bruce has another 40 in his collection. The pickup is a cherry old car with a Travis flatmotor, LZ side shift transmission with a very rare Hurst floor shift. I love this truck just the way it is.

This motor was in the sedan and was re-installed in the truck after the sedan was upgraded to a Ford 302 crate motor.

Note the Sun Tach, Hurst floor shift and A/C in the trucks cockpit.

Jocko’s walls are full of items to catch your eye. Bruce told us about how he purchased this louvered sedan trunk lid at a swap meet. I don’t think I have ever seen one before.

I think this view is the best way to show a 40 sedan. The rake and flames scream “Hot Rod”.

Today’s find….dreaming for sure.

Frank has come up with another Deuce. I will tell you more about it on Monday but until then it is rust and dent free and waiting for Frank to do it right. Rumor has it that the previous owner swapped the body for a Brookville roadster body. On My!

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