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The last couple of days have been real busy and a lot of fun for Bob-O and I. We spent yesterday in Pomona visiting Lynn and the Kennedy Boys. If you like traditional cars and great people you can’t beat these two places. We also had a super Mexican lunch with all the trimmings. Both places were busy and that is a good sign during these tough economic times. Lynn has a new 32 Vicky he has acquired and is putting it back together. He also has a super Deuce roadster, Brookville, SO-CAL chassis, Gabes interior and a Bop Top all for $65K. I don’t think you could buy the parts for that amount. I think he is getting easy in his old age. Lynn always has some nice cars for sale and “will loose money to make a friend”. Stop in and see him the next time you are in Pomona.

The boys were also busy doing a 3 window and a model A roadster that promises to be a really neat ride featuring a 1946 build style. We headed home and I spent another 3 hours on the door lock and still do not have it removed. That is a story for another time.

Today, Bob-O and I headed to Frantic’s to pick up some parts for Andre and look at a 40 sedan he likes. When we arrived at Freds he was working on a long time customers 5 window coupe. Fred did the chassis twenty years ago and the body looks like it just rolled off the assembly line. The owner has owned the project for many years and is now having Fred put it together. This is the one to find in the garage.

Next we inspected the tudor and I really liked the car even with the M11 suspension. The car is an older build but very reliable and solid. I won’t be surprised if this one is parked in Bob-O’s garage next week. A very sweet driver that can go anywhere.

I am finally home truly exhausted and need a nap….

See you at the Throttlers Picnic Sunday.

Stay Tooned!


A new Vicky is being put together for some lucky customer. This car came from Blairs in the 70’s and is now back for a complete restoration using all Deuce parts.

The car is completely apart and all pieces have been stripped and primered.

We also stopped by Bruce’s to check the progress on John’s 39 tub. Here is a Hurst mount being added to the front Heidts suspension. John likes the old school look.

John likes challenges and he has made great progress on his tub. He started with some tub parts and a 4 door sedan. He now has a tub that is coming along nicely. He is sharing a garage with Bruce who is also a tub owner.

I actually looked at this tub several years ago after the owner had died and left the car in a trailer for many years. This may be one of the 6 40’s they built for the Worlds Fair in 1939.

It is not often you walk in to Frantic’s and see a perfect Deuce 5 window body. Bob-O, being a 5 window owner, spent time looking at this one. All the work on this car is first cabin and I am sure Fred will make it nicer.

All panels on the body are as they came from Henry. Old red oxide primer gives the car the look of today.

I could not resist taking the photo of Fred’s metal work on this shoebox. Inside panels were all hand fabricated by Fred. Scott did the louvers. Perfect work.

How could we pass this house without stopping and taking a look. The black plate was all we needed to stop. The car had real deal polished Americans and black wall tires. Stay Tooned!

Today’s Forty…this could be yours for about $42K

Fresh out of the garage for a voyage to JCP on Sunday. How can you argue with the beauty of a black Forty Coupe?

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