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I spent most of yesterday sanding and welding up some holes on Andre’s doors. I had hoped to primer them today but the temperature is around 100 degrees and more of the same is scheduled for the weekend. I wanted to weld up the holes prior to painting as the TIG welder and paint don’t mix. Since the doors are bare metal welding is much simpler than trying to remove paint from the inner surface. Both sides of the metal must be clean for a good weld. I was doing great until about late afternoon when I started to weld up some cracks in the window mechanism I started to experience some shocking. I quit and tried to figure out what was wrong. Nothing stood out so I put everything away and put the problem in the too hard basket.

This morning, after the Office, I headed to the welding shop and they advised me this is a common problem and it is called voltage leakage. I have a problem with the ground or torch leaking voltage. I came home and decided I would wait until I inspected all of the lines that could be the problem. I have not experienced that shocking feeling before and I don’t want to again.

I am entertaining company this weekend so the car shows and Andre will have to wait until next week…

Have a great weekend and …

Stay Tooned!


If you like your 3 windows chopped or stock height either one of these would be nice to drive home. I am seeing more and more 3 windows and fewer 5 windows. Which do you like best?

Some folks don’t care for the 46-48 Ford dash and prefer the 41 model instead. Don started this trend in the 80’s and many people have switched. I prefer the 46-48 myself but that’s just me. In my old age I need large gauges, especially at night.

I took this photo to show the deluxe and standard 40 coupes surrounding a super 32 5 window. I like all three models.

Steve had both his roadster and 4 door Deuces in attendance. The roadster is also one of my favorites. His wife’s 4 door has a Kugel suspension from his early days with Jerry. I can forgive him for that as the wife needs comfort in their hot rods.

Some people have the knack for getting the look on their hiboy roadsters. The owner has had this car for some time and keeps it immaculate. Add a hot 327, 4-speed, a Halibrand and you will have a classy car that will never go out of style.

The Outriders Picnic has something for everyone’s taste. This chopped Mercury was flawless and certainly a rare car in its day. I don’t know how many they made but I only recall seeing a few in my lifetime.

A flathead in a 40 coupe with some detailing is all you need to do to have a very nice ride. A 40 coupe can take you any place you want to go and will always get you there and back. It may be stubborn once in a while and you may have to wait for it to start but they always come through in the end. This 40 was very nice.

The owner of this roadster has captured the early look by adding a 46-48 Ford column, a Knecht Auburn panel and a Brookfield dash with a 3 window glove box.

Side steering seems to be the hot ticket for current builders. The long pitman arm and long drag link add to the early look of the car. Leather straps also look good.

Today’s front brakes…I have these on Lucy…no dreaming.

Wilson Welding has sold many sets of these aluminum backing plates with Buick shoes. He also sells the hubs you see in this photo that require no machine work with Buick drums and have multiple bolt patterns including the 5 1/2 inch early Ford.

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