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The end of the long summer is here and the heat came back today in LA. I did spend the morning at the “Office” catching up on what I missed during the week. Most people are going to the Ventura Nationals tomorrow, so I guess I will head that way myself. I have never been but I am going to see what the former Primer Nationals has to offer in traditional cars.

I spent some time in the garage working on Andre’s front axle wishbone removal. I swore the last time I did this job it would be the last but here I go again. I have a process to remove the spring perches and wishbone which consists of soaking in penetrating oil for a few days and then trying to remove the nuts with a wrench or impact wrench (which I don’t have). I then move to the hot wrench and try heating the nuts so they will turn off. I was successful on one side but the other side after three heatings still refuses to come off. I quit for the day as I was starting to use some pretty foul language and Andre didn’t like that. Tomorrow I will reheat and probably ruin the perch in the process. I reuse them and have extras from the many I have removed over the years. I hope to have everything ready to go to the blaster on Tuesday.

Labor Day has always marked the end of the summer and the start of the fall in my mind. While not the official dates they work for me. I was either going back to school, coming back from vacation or getting ready to go back to work. Now I just enjoy the long weekend (I can’t tell the difference anymore) and hope to have a good time someplace looking at cars.

I wish all of you a wonderful and safe Labor Day. Fire up the Barbie and open a cold one. Life doesn’t last forever…or does it?

Stay Tooned!


Bob had loaned me some tires for the Woody so I tried them on the delivery. I like them but they are a little too big being 235x75R x15. I may try this size on a 7 inch rim and see if they fit. The wheelwell in the SD is only 10 inches wide metal to metal. The tire is 9.5 inches…too close for my taste.

Here are Andre’s doors ready to go on Tuesday. They need to be stripped to remove all the internal surface rust.

After heating the nut it still refuses to come off. I may borrow an impact wrench tomorrow from Bob O.

The passenger side came right off after heating once. The perch removel is another story for next week. These don’t budge after heating. #*#$#

I had a call from Sonny in Kansas who has a very nice 4 door available that he got from Lobeck. I started looking for the same on the net and came up with this one in Roy’s shop. When stripped down they have very little structure left to them. I think the front seat is tied into the B pillar. Clean body or what. This is Eric’s new 4 door Vicky.

I saw this one at this years LARS. Nice ride with lots of doors. He was with Mike and my favorite tudor Deuce hiboy.

If I would focus on the roadster I could have one that looks like this is a few months. Just a thought! I do sit in Lucy for extended periods dreaming of the coast hi-way on a moonlight drive with the wife. Note shortened gas tank cover.

While visiting Roy’s site I saw his standard Deuce chassis and still maintain it has solid engineering for going down the road. This is under a nice sedan he is building.

When I mentioned a moonlight cruise up the coast the wife said she prefers a forty coupe with a heater. This Lyon blue, Mercury wheeled beauty would fill the bill. Where do they find all the 40 coupes people are building? Bob has a factory about ready so you can order yours.

Today’s Coupe…dreaming!

Now this little 5 window at the HRR was one of my favorites. I have a lot of favorites don’t you think. Note dress code for the end of the strip parking.

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