Friday’s Feature

P-Town is going strong this morning and it looks like another record crowd for this super event. The venue is really quite nice and always attracts people from all over the country. This is the last big event before school starts and provides the whole family with something to do. My friends Gary and George are there enjoying the cars and people. I wish I could be with them but I was unable to go this year. I plan to hang around the house and catch up on some overdue chores. Andre needs some attention in order to keep him motivated for completion. The very hot weather makes working after lunch time very difficult. I am still working on removing the body bolts to separate the body and chassis. I hope to have this done by Monday.

Roger is making progress on his very nice pickup and sent along some photos of his progress. Forty pickups are really popular today and I have seen some super nice ones. Roger’s will be in that category for sure. All eary Ford pickups through 1956 are on my list of nice rides.

Have a wonderful weekend and take that hot rod for a drive.

Stay Tooned!


Forty pickups look good done up in the early style. This baby blue one is outstanding with white tuck and roll interior and varnished oak bed wood.

Nice stance and note the use of sunken 39 tail lights. The rear bumper is close to a sedan delivery style with a flattened center.

Roger has a nice flathead mill and some neat chassis work on his pickup. This should make a good driver on the road.

Roger choose coil overs and a 4 bar for his rear suspension. It looks like a TCI set up. Those glass packs with the flatty brings back memories of my early rides.

I love 5 window hiboys and this one has the look with the chopped top, Kidney Bean wheels, baby hemi and primer.

Here is a photo of some excellent chassis fabrication showing spring hangers, shock mounts, pie cut frame which is often required on repo bodies and frames where there is a large gap between the gas tank and body. (Dave Lane photo)

Here is the front side of the chassis showing the neat panhard bracket and exhaust system fabrication. Nice work Dave.

Here is one method of measuring for the axles in your QC. I do it using math but always check using a ruler as shown.

John and I like Tubs and this black one has the look I like. I don’t know why we don’t see more of these being built. I don’t think a glass Wescott would be a bad choice. Gary has a beauty in his stable.

I don’ know if anyone makes a glass 34 tub but this 33 is the real deal and really has the stance. I have seen the repo steel one from down under at the LARS a few years ago.

Today’s Deuce…one of a kind!

Jim sent along a photo of a really rare one of a kind Deuce cabriolet. He was looking for the color and don’t think this is a stock Deuce color. The car was built in Germany. Nice ride!

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