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My friend Bob, yes another Bob, has many projects going. He likes to have several under construction at the same time. I visited him yesterday and took a few pictures of his projects. I visit a lot of garages and some are really neat, well organized and everything in its place. Bob’s place is not like that at all. His theory is to leave everything where is was when he stopped and then he won’t have to look for it the next time. I sold my 40 to coupe to him 6 years ago and it is still awaiting the restoration process with most parts located somewhere in his vast garage. Look at the pictures and you can see what I am talking about. He knows where everything is located. I sometimes put things away and he gets mad at me so I just snap photos now.

I had a lot of favorable comments on the Woody post so I have included the “Worlds Best” 39 woody in today’s feature. Sandy is proud of her super 39 and she should be.

The Big Bear car show is this weekend but I am not attending this year. Ed, who lost his life at this event a few years ago always loved this show. I know he is watching and waiting for my report. We miss you Ed.

Have a great weekend and take the hot rod for a ride…you deserve it.

Stay Tooned!


Here is the Worlds Best 39 woody. The car is mint and has a dropped axle, steel wheels, square weave carpet and thats all. The house in the background is Bob and Sandy’s 1800’s mansion. You have to see this estate to really appreciate the history in the house.

Bob’s garage has a new LS1 series motor that is slated for his old pickup. These motors are very nice and can be purchased for a few hundred dollars. GM makes a manifold and distributor for these 6.0 liter motors. The heads are aluminum and the block is cast iron in the trucks. Stay Tooned!

Bob’s latest project is a full on model A roadster hot rod. A Brookville body has been all refinished, powdercoated, metal workded and is now ready for a Black finish at Doug’s. This will be a super car when completed.

The inside is fully powdercoated and includes new bracing for rigidity. No rust is the theory on this process.

The 400 transmission is fully polished also and will sit behind a very healty LTI, 70’s style.

A Jaguar rear end is being fully polished prior to painting. I know he is going overboard but he likes his car shiny.

My old coupe is filling up with soda bottles and various other parts. I know she can handle the load with the new 9 inch rear axle and TCI rear spring kit.

I did take a photo of Andre’s new stripped firewall. I still have some more paint to remove but the metal is perfect. This is a slow process for me.

I have often wondered what a 34 chopped hiboy sedan would look like. Here is Kevin’s in Napa. A Winters QC is in the rear.

Today’s 32 chassis…dreaming!

Take a close look at this new/old style chassis. This chassis represents the current trend for going back to the way it was. I am 70 and never saw a chassis this nice in my youth. There are some impressive builders today.

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