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The Twilight Cruise at the NHRA Museum is a well attended event that takes place the first Wednesday of each month. I have been to several of them but have not had the time to attend lately. My roving photographer , Sandy, was there and sent in some nice pictures. Pomona is about 60 miles from my house and takes an hour in good times. The event starts at about 2:00 pm so I can leave after lunch and find a parking place. The drive home is not so pleasant therefore, I stay and have dinner at the Sheraton. I plan to attend next month.

Frank sent me some photos of a Deuce sedan his brother has for sale and it looks like it came from Minnesota. He can sure find the cars. I think he sleeps with his cell phone to make sure he doesn’t miss any ups. I will go look at the car and report on this new addition his brother has for sale.

My son and his wife arrived last night and we are glad to have them home for the weekend. We may go to Chuy’s tonight for the car show and dollar margaritas.

Have a great weekend and…

Stay Tooned!


Deuce sedans in stock form are showing up more and more and I am beginning to like them alot.

Sometimes it is refreshing to see a stock bodied Corvette at these meets. I have owned over 25 Corvettes in my career and love to look at them. This 1961 is right on the money.

A truly “old school” hot rod always attracts the older folk and even some of the new young guys like this style. In fact, I think most of them prefer the retro look.

A Deuce sedan with the retro look was looking good. This car has changed hands several times in last couple of years. It was on the HAMB a few weeks ago for a decent price.

Ford woodies are really popular on the West Coast and this one is one of the best. A little high tech but still a very nicely constructed Woody. Prices have come down on these cars as an individual’s discretionary income has lessened in the past few years. The easy credit line is no longer very easy.

Fat Jack is still around and building some very nice rides. In my opinion, he had a great eye for detail and design. I watched him build the delivery for Jerry in the 80’s.

Primered Deuce sedan with gold wheels. Frank and his brother like the gold wheels. Looks nice in the pictures, 350/350 all Henry steel. WOW!

My chassis is leaving tomorrow and compared to what they charge for one like this I should have kept it. Cornhusker builds a beautiful chassis that is clean and simple.

Today’s sedans…dreaming!

I sure seem to look at Brian’s beauty more than I should and even though mostly stock, I really like this one.

For me there are only two choices for a family (old mans) sedan a 40 or a 32. Cornhusker built this one a few years ago and it hung around LA for a while but I have not seen it lately. I especially loved the 2 1/2 inch chopped top which is perfect in my mind.

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