Friday’s Feature

I worked all day on the roadster getting ready to put the engine in the chassis, so it is late and the posting will be short.

Steve from Washington has a nice collection of cars and decided to drive his Deuce 3 window to B’Ville and then on to GG’s in P-Town. The trip was going fine until he and his co-pilot Don heard a noise that wouldn’t go away. A careful inspection revealed a cracked 9 inch Ford housing that was leaking and ready to come apart. Now for those of us who use the early housings this should be a lesson to reweld the axle tubes to the center section to be sure you have full penetration.

OK, no harm done other than a little time lost. Upon arrival in P-Town he parked the coupe with the B’ville cars and invited me to come take a look. WOW! A Gennie, for real 3 window that Eastwood found in Stockton, sold to Skip who sold it to Steve and that is where the car will stay. It is done as you see it. Very Nice.

Have a look and enjoy your holiday.

Stay Tooned!



Classic photo showing 3 Deuces at Bonneville this year. The orange coupe is Steve’s. Looks good against the salt.


Front view of early style Deuce. Primer spots add the patina required for the high school look. I like it.


Black and white tuck and roll. Period perfect. My 3 window had a very similar interior and pattern. The car has a 40 wheel and shifter to correctly identify the era. This car is done.


Original Pontiac taillights not Drakes. Painted steel wheels enhance the race car look. Good job Steve.


[singlepic=1442] [singlepic=1443]

JR’s fine new Martin/Moal built Hiboy. Gurney Weslake engine and a sound to kill for. More next Friday.

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