Friday’s Feature

It is late Friday night and I have been working all day on the house. I did take time out to visit Bob O to see how the new spring was going together. The installation was tough as the center bolt would not go in from the top without hitting the crankshaft pulley and pan. John finally go it together and everything looked fine. I have had lots of comments on the mono leaf spring incident. I have not contacted the company but will do so next week. Many of you have had no problems and have thousands of miles on your spring. I did learn that you need to keep the u bolts tight (which I knew from my engineering days at GM) in order to keep the clamp load on the center section. The breakage at the outer edge between the eye and hole concerns me. I will keep digging until I find the cause. Thanks for all of your comments.

I have been using some Kleen Strip on the house windows and tried some on Andre tonight and it worked very fast. I did the cowl in about an hour. Messy for sure, but the metal is protected from the heat of the blaster. More to come…

Stay Tooned!


A very fine 32 5 window with a SBC hooked to the stock drive line…No problems for this looker! Tom chose to drive his 40 coupe with all the creature comforts… watch Street Rodder for a feature in October. Outstanding 40 coupe.

You have seen these two beauties on my site in the past but they still are two of the best out of Roy’s shop. Owner has a sedan going together in the same “old style”. I can’t wait to see the car.

The 5 window has the Ardun with a blower. I wonder how they run?

Jerry has the best B-400 around. I wish the hood were open and you could see the hot banger motor he built. John, you love these wheels don’t you. Lynn likes them also.

A true classic build this car has been to P-Town several times. Small hemi looks right at home.

The cute flathead in the Winterleaf light brown roadster was a nice change from all the SBC’s you see today. George is putting a flathead in his delivery.

Today”s 40 pickup…dreaming!

Billy has one of the nicest black 40 pickups around. The flathead under the hood is a screamer. Pricey but available!

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