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I have not discussed the current witch hunt in CA for a while as it seems the state is out of money chasing rainbows and can no longer afford to pick on old car enthusiasts. I have been following the SEMA/GM EROD program and attended a presentation by Aspen Marketing last night at Frantic Freds. I did not expect the large turnout but was pleasantly surprised by the people that showed up to learn more about the EROD engine that meets SMOG requirements for 2010 vehicles. I heard directly from the source about why the state is so actively pursuing the “cheater”. It seems someone told the state that people were buying out of state titles, having a 32 roadster built, declaring it was an original car and saying they paid $2500 or less for the car. The state secured the records of an Alabama company and was going to prosecute the owners who were guilty. SEMA intervened and prevailed in obtaining an amnesty bill for one year in which you could turn yourself in, pay a find and upgrade your 32 to meet 2010 emission standards. Sounds fair too me.

The presentation explained how to convert any car using an LS3 Camaro engine and required accessories to be in compliance with the state of CA ARB and DMV. The package is complete and list for about $9K plus installation. The engine will bolt up to your current 32 chassis and 700R4 transmission. The engine mounts do not have to be changed on your frame as adapters are available. The one area requiring work are the exhaust manifolds. Due to the width of the engine the supplied manifolds required milling them at an angle to clear the frame. The 55 Chevy 2 door post was used as the mule and the installation was very sanitary both on top and under the body. This is the same 2 door that Frank Brown sold GM years ago.

The presentation ended and a nice dinner was served to the attendees. Fred and Lu are to be commended for putting this presentation together for us old dogs to attend. Thanks for your hospitality.

I plan on going to the San Dimas car show Sunday so …

Stay Tooned!


Frantic Fred has been serving the hot rodders in the Valley for over 25 years.

The GM Performance Parts rig was awesome. The display travels all over the West Coast explaining the smog legal engine for you new SCV vehicle builders.

The clean rod was displayed inside so everyone could view the installation. The car was immaculate and well engineered.

An LS3 was installed with all the required components to meet certification requirements. A very sanitary installation with the motor being offset to the passenger side to clear the power-brake booster, steering and exhaust.

A pop up tent was used to house the engine and make the presentation to the attendees. We all received a new GM Performance Parts catalog and EROD poster. A drawing was held for an EROD garage stool which was real nice.

If you have an interest in the engine here is a photo of the specifications. This baby has 430 hp to make the 32 do burnouts for the DMV.

People starting gathering early in order to secure a good seat for the show.

Pat showed up with his crowd pleasing Deuce roadster. If you have not seen this car in person you should do so. Joe would be proud of Pat’s efforts. Cadillac power, Auburn dash, 40 column and white tuck and roll interior. Great car and I have added it to me favorite list.

Pat and Fred are discussing some of the good points on this mandarin maroon 40 coupe that Fred built in 1991.

One of Fred’s customers had this very nice 37 coupe in for some repairs. I love this 37 and perfect black paint job. Fred built this one from the frame up a few years ago.

Today’s sedan delivery…really!

A P-38 Ford sedan delivery showed up with all the trick features you could imagine. Owner built and vey unique in styling and detail. More on Monday.

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