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Keeping your mind busy is an important function all of us need to practice. Old age does strange things to you when you let your mind go dormant. If you are like me and love old cars you can always jump on the net or pick up your favorite hot rod magazine and keep your mind occupied for hours. If you are physically able to work on cars you can really keep your mind busy. I guess my point is it is up to us to keep busy.

My wife can find lots of things for me to do around the house, but I prefer working in the garage on my cars. Today, I am painting the pool equipment rather than bead blasting my headlight buckets. Some things do have a priority. I try to do household chores on the weekend and work on the cars during the week. Somehow I manage to keep real busy. I don’t know how I had time to work prior to retirement.

This will be the last day for LARS pictures and next week will be 1940 Ford pictures from La Palma Park.

Stay Tooned!


The Kennedy Boys had a 4 door sedan at SO-CAL this year. Last year they had a chopped tudor which JR purchased. They love the old school look.

If you had some serious money in your pocket you could have picked up these Kinmont brakes for big money. I don’t know if they sold but the block lettered Edelbrock heads and manifold sure looked good to me.

GM had the LS3 engine and related equipment on display for all to view. The unit is very complete and fits in most vehicles without much trouble. I don’t know about the certification process from the DMV but I guess it is doable according the fellow in the GMPP booth. Good Luck at the DMV.

I am not sure I like the Studebaker tail lights on this track roadster but someone does. This is Jackie’s masterpiece from a few years ago. I can’t wait to see this one finished. Bill Lindig owns the car now.

Bill also owns the 3 window with the Ardun motor. These motors are everywhere in the shops I visit. I guess they run strong.

This was the engine installed in Jackie’s 40 coupe. A Cadillac engine was the hot ticket when I was young… pre 55 Chevy days.

Bubba had his Dad’s pickup redone at Roy’s shop this past year. The gold color really looked good in the sunlight. Black and white Sid’s interior looks correct with the color. He had a roadster this color a few years ago.

I like 40 sedans and this rock solid example was for sale in the swap meet area.

Today’s roadster…dreaming.

John had his real deal 33 roadster in Roy’s booth. John has one or more of every thing nice. He is also a great guy who loves cars.

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