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I spent all of yesterday working on the patio and I am finally getting around to writing another post this week. The wife needs a job or I do. Yard work is not my thing.

I had a phone call from a long time friend John, from Canada, who said he was in town for the LARS and could we meet at the office. No matter what you are doing you always need to make time for old friends. I met John and his brother at the office and we had a great talk about cars and later went to Bob O’s to see his collection. Don had his roadster on the rack when we arrived and we all helped him get it back out to the street. Vega steering boxes are not easy to turn standing still. Bob showed us all of his cars and projects and then we were off to my house. Jane was happy to see John as it has been over 30 years since she had seen him. We talked about cars some more and they left to visit some more car places. The love of old cars never seems to go away.

I had planned to visit Albert and take some photos of the 33 roadster top being installed but the day is now gone and no photos.

Have a great weekend and take the wife for a ride.

Stay Tooned!


It was great to see John today. He has always liked Doane’s car. He flew out to LA from Canada years ago to visit Neal who let him sit in the car.

Early style roadsters are easy to build today. The popularity of the pre-war style car is here to stay if California doesn’t put us out of business.

John has quite a collection of NOS parts and the topic of Appletons came up. Bob O said they used to put them on Cabriolets in the early days. Here is proof.

Here is John’s long term project. The cab is black on top and red on the bottom.

John would like this old time hiboy with a flathead. Very nice!

You will see some phaetons at the LARS. I still like the looks and the room these cars have.

Henry never made this one but someone thought he should have made the C400. Boyd built one for John and Walt owned it for a year or two.

The B400 is being reproduced but his one was the real deal in the 80’s. A hiboy B400 was really rare.

I know John is thrashing away on his tub. This solid CA tub sold for $8K.

Yesterday’s roadster…dreaming!

Joe got it right and later Dave made it really right. Don and Bob O said this car was super fast.

Today’s old mans roadster…the deal is still alive.

I think the wife would be happy with this one. You have windows and the top can be up or down.

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