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Memorial Day weekend has always been special to me. During my childhood my father would take me in his Deuce sedan to the river for a weekend of fun on the water. The tudor had some rust here and there but by today’s standard would be a “cherry” find. Dad would take us water skiing and boat riding along with having a few beers for himself. He was always safety minded so I never had any fear.

My Mom never liked the water but went along to sun herself on the beach. She always wondered what I saw in that old Deuce sedan. I would sit behind the wheel for hours dreaming of the day I would be able to have one of my own. Over the years the Midwest Winters killed the car as it sat outside under a carport. Eventually, my father hauled it to the junkyard even though I really wanted it. ( I was about 10 years old) I guess that is why I still love the Deuce sedan.

We all need to be thankful for the people who have given their lives in the armed forces to help keep American a wonderful place to live and raise children. I know we have challenges today that make us wonder but our history tells us we are the strongest under seize. For you hot rodders who are serving the country today, I want to emphasize that I hope you come home safe and sound when your duty is over. Thank you for your service no matter where you are.

Jane and I are spending a quiet Memorial Day weekend at home working on our projects and hoping it is warm enough to have the first dip in the pool. The weatherman is cooperating and we look foreword to a great time. I don’t have a car that runs, but my friends do so I know I will be cruising somewhere on the highways of SO-CAL.

The best to all of you who read this blog and don’t forget to drive the hot rod this weekend.

Stay Tooned!


I am still looking for a nice 40 pickup. This local 40 is a crowd pleaser but is not for sale. You could take this one to “Office” every day.

Here is another 33 hiboy sedan that I shot at the LARS in the 75th model 40 area. Maybe they will have a O1A tribute to the 1940 Ford which is 70 years old this year.

Another local woody that the owner built in his garage. I like the F 100 auto column in an otherwise stock dash.

You could take the kids to the Malibu Beach this weekend in this black beauty. Later Woodies are really popular and a lot less expensive to restore.

One of SO-CAL’s first complete builds was this 5 window coupe with a strong 327 and a 4 speed. The car is still perfect after all these years. Tradition never becomes obsolete.

This is the best of both worlds. Bob and Chuck have a lot of cars but seem to favor the Deuce and the Forty. The sedan delivery is stock with a SBC and the 40 features a dropped axle and a blown flathead. Nice pair.

Chuck told me the blower makes the flathead like a SBC and he can drive in the left lane. He also has a SO-CAL built 40 with an injected Hemi if he really wants to go fast.

Ed has this nice original Brookville (number 1) RPU that he built. This shot was one of the maiden voyages to SO-CAL’s friday night bash at the LARS. A bucket list event if like hot rods and lots of people.

Cruising around the open house, which fills up by about 2:00 pm, I ran across this powder blue full fendered deuce. The car was very well detailed and sat perfect.

If you are near the Harbor you may see this Fat Jack creation of a few years ago. Phaetons are not as popular as they were when this one was built, but I really like them. Signature FJ, black, low and orange wheels. He is still building them like this.

I am sure Joe and Lois are driving somewhere this weekend. We know he has built that 46 convert for your cruises in heaven. We miss you.

Todays ride….Arizona hi-ways….Dreaming!

Happy Memorial Day from Pewsplace. Drive safely and enjoy the moment.

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