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I am feeling better so I fired up the TIG welder and welded some parts for my friend Chip. Chip is an old college buddy that lives in the Valley and restores C1 Corvettes in his retirement. He is well known for his knowledge concerning Corvettes. I visited him a couple of days ago and looked at his latest 60 he is doing….detail, detail, detail. He is a fanatic for a correct restoration. I am glad I stayed with hot rods, although his collection is very valuable today. Have you ever priced a C1 that has been fully restored? $$$$ He also needed some 6061 aluminum for a special project so my wife and I went to IMS to pick up some 1/4 inch plate. It seems he has a friend that has a water jet cutting machine that produces perfect cuts every time. I need to know this fellow. IMS also has a Laser division that will make you perfect parts every time. How many do you need…. 100 or so …no just one. Next!

I have found some pictures of my 47 sedan delivery (Sunshine) that I built a few years ago and will share them with you today. This is the only car I have ever owned with a MII suspension. I did all the work and due to my back injury sold it to a very nice man who finished it. I found the car on an ad board in the Antique Auto parts store in Stanton right down by Boyds old shop. The car has quite a history as a flower truck in Altadena for over 40 years. Alan, the owner took great care of the car and had all the records. The car had very little rust problems, but did have some roof dents from the people walking over the top during the riots in 92. I never repaired them as they didn’t bother me. I just had several years of fun with this old delivery truck.

Sunday is NSRA Appreciation Day at California Car Cover which is a great event. Jim is a gracious host and there should be 300 – 400 cars in attendance. Pictures on Monday…

Stay Tooned!


My sedan delivery at Bills shop. This is as far as I got when the old back went out for good. These cars are not for everyone and that is O.K. by me. I drove Sunshine for several years to all the swap meets. My wife and I would have a blast selling all the old Ford junk. She is a good money collector and kept me from giving stuff away.

I like the stock tail lights and had found the right hand side on epay. I did not sell them with the car just in case I purchased another SD down the road.

All the fenders were NOS and I had them stripped and primed so they would not rust. The wheels were real American’s 15 x 8 1/2 and 15 x 6 that I had Bill media blast to seal the porosity these old wheels have.

When I tore the car down I kept all the stock stuff from 1947 intact and planned to restore it all. The new owner did not use the original gauges or steering column but did keep the convertible seat.

Viewing the rear cargo compartment you can see why these trucks make great swap meet vehicles. I even slept in the rear a few times.

Interiors of deliveries in the 40’s all look like this. Henry undercoated the side panels to reduce the noise and help insulate the cargo area. The roofs had some kind of glue and backing on them to help reduce the heat. Every delivery I have owned has been rusty on the inside and needed blasted or stripped before finishing.

As I mentioned earlier I installed a Heidts MII unit thinking it would ride much smoother provide better steering on trips. I completed the chassis, had it powdercoated and the body reinstalled prior to selling. I did not think I would be able to walk again so I didn’t need any cars. Bad decision on my part.

If you want to drop the transmission without pulling the engine you need to make a plate like this that will allow easy removal of the transmission. Note frame is all powdercoated shiny black. Andre will be the same.

Sunshine is now cloudmist gray with a surfer theme interior. I call it a poor man’s Woody. The car goes down the road very nice and everyone likes the color.

Today’s delivery…dreaming.

This is the one that got me really interested in the 46 -48 sedan deliveries. Tim always takes great care of his cars and this one was spotless. I flew to Portland to purchase but Tim wanted more than I was willing to pay. Lesson, you can’t pay too much but you may have bought a little early.

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