Friday’s Feature

Still doing the “Honey Do” list so the “Car Do” list will have to wait for one more week. This morning I am doing the staining and polishing the brass door knobs on the front door. I couldn’t do just a quick shine, I had to take them all apart and buff them to GNRS spec’s. Well, in the process I dropped one of the lock cylinders and the key broke off. Yes, I should not be allowed near doors knobs or locks. This will cause problems when the wife gets home.

I better get back to work so here are some more pictures of various cars at various events so far this year.

Have a great weekend.

Stay Tooned!


Gary’s laid back Hiboy with cowl steering. I am not a fan of cowl steering but many people are doing it. Solves header problems.


Excuse the picture, but this is a 40 convert from Louisville. Big wheels and tires add the look to an almost stock apperaing 40..


One of Bruce’s 3 windows with Ardun. This car sounds awesome. He drives the car everywhere.


Lil John’s 4 sedan he was building for his son, Chris. I think it is being finished and will be on the road soon.


HemiRod, a creation by Pinkee’s Rod Shop is sure to be a hit. Workmanship is fantastic. Hemi’s are in.



Bruce’s, “Still the one” for me.

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