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One more day and the PRC will be underway. Each year more cars show up for both the event and as a spectator. I think this is the best one day event in LA. I love the old roadsters with flatheads and quickchanges. I hope Bruce brings one of his special cars to the event. I would like to see the McGee roadster as I never tire of this car. I never liked the car when Dick owned it, but after SO-CAL put in back in shape, it is one of my favorites. The weather promises to be spectacular so the turnout should be great. The show is an invitation only event and they are partial to flathead cars. Some other engines are allowed but prefer them with a hood. Someday I hope to make the trip even if I am a passenger.

I know other parts of the country have a similar event but this one has a history that intrigues old guys like me. The season is well under way on the West Coast so…

Stay Tooned!



Cam has uncovered another Deuce roadster. I am not sure but it looks like it was stored in the loft of the barn…be careful boys that is gold on the CAT.


Ed has his beauty sitting in the parking lot enjoying the show. He also owns a nice 34 hiboy roadster.


Early view of PRC members cars and owners talking up the new route.


Frank will be first in line with his full fendered roadster. Frank drives from NM with his cars. His partner has this phaeton which used to belong to Drake.


Franks friend with a real deal roadster will also be in attendance. This is how they were.


Not all roadsters have quickchanges as you can see in this 29. Columbia’s are also very common.


Doane’s front brakes and air vents are spectacular for the period. Today they are priceless.


Sometimes you need to drive the $400K roadsters to see how they perform. Dave outdid himself on this car.


View of the parking lot shows some early arrivals. Real deal Willys and 3 window are regulars at this event.

Today’s roadster…dreaming!


Yes, primer is welcome and flatheads are well respected in this event. Just a lot of roadster lovers getting together for day of fun.

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