Friday’s Feature

This is another beautiful day in LA. The sun is shining and the weather is calling for all roadsters to get out of the garage and go for a ride. I don’t know if you still get that feeling on a nice day, but I sure want to go topless on a sunny day. I don’t have a running roadster but Bob O has one and I may go to his house this afternoon to see if I can hitch a ride. Today starts Del Mar, tomorrow is the Troempers Swap meet and Sunday is Long Beach. What more could a car guy want. I now have a brace on my right hand so typing is painful. I will be short today and hope all of you have a wonderful weekend.

Remember there is a Deuce or Forty right around the corner waiting for you to bring it home…start looking!

Stay Tooned!



Somewhere in LA this beauty is going together. Ardun powered and beautiful…see more in JJ.


SFSS has the look for racing at Bonneville. This will be a real looker when finished.


Ready for paint and looking good. Gary can build a nice sedan hiboy.


Maybe this Cornhusker sedan (see above) will be at Del Mar


Joe and the boys must have stopped for a cold one. This was Joe’s last ride. I sure do miss him.


JJ also provided pictures of this great looking sedan from AZ. This should be mine heading to Del Mar today. I really get excited when I see one of these going down the road.


Please excuse the rusty manifold but this picture shows the 525 box with the rh truck manifold installed. It all fits but is tight.


Tom always uses this set up for power brakes. Note clean detail of floor and cross members. He does super detail work on all cars he builds.


The x member has been widened and a plate made for the bottom. Note button heads with nylon washers underneath. Neat.

Today’s roadster…Joe doesn’t dream.


Joe has his ride ready for the prom next month.

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