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The love for the Deuce is shared by many people. One particular person who shares that passion is Faith Granger, a local lady who drives a primered Deuce hiboy. Faith attends most events and for the past several years has been making a film entitled the “Deuce of Spades”. I want to give her credit for perseverance in making a film about hot rods. There have been many films over the years but for me it was “Rebel without a Cause” that got my juices flowing. “The California Kid” was later in my life and also inspirational to many fans. Now we have a chance to support this new movie and Faith’s efforts.

I am featuring her website plus the pictures being made available by Tom Fritz another local artist with mega talent. Have a look at the site, the attached photos and give her your comments. She has been seen at many events working on her roadster as shown on her site. Faith is one of us.

Good Luck Faith!

Stay Tooned!



This is the Deuce of Spades site.


Entitled the “Last Race” Tom’s great poster is a must have.


The second poster is called “Johnny Callaway” who is the star of the movie. Remember James Dean?


Faith has her roadster everywhere. This is the Calabassas big buck show held the last of the month. Mostly Ferarris, Porsches and exotic cars attend this event but Faith knows how to market her skills as a film maker. Everyone looks at a Deuce roadster.


The sign promoting the movie keeps everyones interest.


The PRC is coming up and you never know who will show up. Only roadsters are allowed to participate.


Bruce brought his Spencer car for all of us to enjoy.


The rear view is equally as nice and shows off the quickchange rear end.


I am a big fan of the interior with its knurled dash, center steering and fold down arm rest. Remember this was a long time ago not a recent built. Doane had the vision that is lost in many hot rods today.

Todays reminder…PRC is coming May 1, 2010


John has owned this real deal roadster for many years. Checked lacquer paint, correct top and windshield slant, flathead and quickchange make this an all time favorite for me. Royal Maroon paint on the wheels takes you back in time.

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