Friday’s Feature

Great day today. I started off with the roof man who said he found my leak and it wouldn’t be too hard to fix. I can’t relate that to dollars but presumed I could focus on the hot rods today instead of the roof repair. I headed to the office and Bob ‘O wanted to go to Bob’s for a hamburger. He normally goes to the Catus Patch for a ham steak. I needed to go to Frantic’s to pick up the mock up A/C unit for Alan so off we went. We drove the 5 window with the new Firestones and it rode real good. The burger wasn’t great but the conversation was great. Ron callled and said he could come and help witht the removal of the rear axle from Andre. It is nice to have such great friends to help. Thanks Bob’O and Ron.

The process took about an hour and after some chocolate chip cookies my wife made they headed home. I finished up the job and installed the nine inch for mock up. The day was long but all went well. Tomorrow I will install the frame brackets for the rear end…

Stay Toone!


Have a great weekend and take the roadster out for a drive.


Here is the stock axle that needs a new home. The unit will be replaced with a 57 station wagon rear axle.


I had everything ready for the workers. Bob’O brought his big impact wrench for the rusty u-bolts. They came right off.


The rear end came out real easy and with the lift gate it was a piece of cake to load. That is Ron and Bob’O doing the work and I am on the camera. Sounds fair to me.


The new rear end fits perfect…57.25 flange to flange.


Inside shot how big these 9 inch rear housings are compared to the stock 1940 center section.


While I was on the roll I tried the new Wilwood brakes and they look great. The stock Ford spindle washer doesn’t fit in the Wilwood cap so I will call Donnie tomorrow or stop by and see him.


Spindle side shows clearance for caliper mounting bracket. I have the full circle ones but may purchase some new ones from Donnie.


The Vintage Air unit is way to big to fit under my dash. I hope it fits in the 48. This is a mock up unit that Fred loans out to see what unit you need for your car. This is the Universal Gen II unit (Super Cooler).

Today’s ride…dreaming!


Alan’s roadster is one of the latest to use new parts to attract potential new customers to and old style roadster with a modern touch of Nostaglia.

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