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I can almost hear the dragsters running this morning. The Bakersfield March Meet is underway and I am stuck here at home. I know Steve will give me a good report. In my younger days I never missed a drag race. My friends and I would pool our money and head to Indy for the Nationals. We would rent one room and we all would stay there. The last guy in the shower had a rough time, no hot water and no towels.

I am writing this in the morning as I am having trouble with the site and my son is trying to help me get it back on track. I write this silly blog to keep my mind busy and keep up with the latest Hot Rod activity around the world. I really do enjoy this present from my son. Thanks, Chris.

Today is 3 window Friday. I have owned (5) 3 windows over the years and loved everyone of them. Brookville makes it easy to own one today. They are about one-third of the price of the real deal. SO-CAL has one going together for Bill that is Ardun equipped and has every neat item you could want. I hope to have some pictures soon.

Have a great weekend and…

Stay Tooned!



Dave Simard built this 3 window several years ago and the car was recently for sale on the West Coast. You might walk right by this car as it is really understated.


Roy built this one for the Marianni boys. This is the one to have. I wouldn’t change a thing..HEMI, QC, 5 speed, Regencey Red and a dark brown Sid’s interior. Perfect.


Sid can do my upholstery any time. He is always right on the money in fitting the correct interior for the car style.


This is one of my old coupes after Boyd and Chuck finished it. It is out East as far as I know. Mint, Mint body and sheetmetal.


GNRS 3 window was in the Ron Magnus booth. I don’t know who owns it but the car was nice and had the look. Chop was right on the money.


Three window Larry had the talk of the town 3 window a couple of years ago. He set the bar really high when he built this one. The car is now in the Bay Area in good hands.


Jim has this new project in his stable. I can’t wait to see what he does with it. One thing for sure the metal will be perfect.


I lean toward Hot Rods and this one has the look and stance. Black is the color on a 3 window.

Today’s ride … Dreaming!


If you like fenders then Roger has this one for you. Chopped and Halibrands make it pure Hot Rod in any era.

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