Friday’s Feature

I am still working on the shower so I did very little today on Andre. I did finish the motor mounts and dreamed a little about the roadster. The roadster has a nice Glide seat so I can sit in it and go in and out of the garage. I took some time out and went over to see Alan and my old 48 convert. He called and said he solved the problem with the door latches using original handles and bear claw latches. The mechanisms came from Rocky Hinge company and they work slick. Photos on Monday.

Tim sent some photos in of his finally completed 57 FI unit. This is a very rare car and now is back on the street. Tim is now thinking about another 40 coupe. I guess you just keep building them until you do your last one. Retirement is great if you don’t outlive your money and your health holds out. So far I am doing O.K. at 69. My Dad made it until he was 95 years old.

The Big Three Swap is going on but San Diego is too far for me to drive these days. I do have someone looking for some parts for me so we will see what shows up.

Have a great weekend and take the roadster for a drive…

Stay Tooned!



The old standby is the tie rod end and the tapered bung. These are available from several sources and are cheap.


This is a Speedway set for a wishbone. You need to make sure you turn up the amps and make a good deep weld on these adapters.


Tim has his 57 on the road. A black 57 hardtop ranks right up there with a 40 coupe. Right Tim?


The hold up was this rare FI unit which was totally rebuilt by a guru in Sacramento. The air cleaner is a hard item to find.


Another reader sent in some photos of his 41 Pickup truck. This is the engine he is installing. A flathead under the hood of a 40/41 is a beautiful sight.


Rumor has it this little 40 will have a new home real soon.

Today’s 4o SD…searching is fun.


Harvey sold me the frame for my roadster but I could not talk him out of his delivery. I am sure it is still in his garage as seen here. A wonderful man who shares the same love of 40’s and 34’s as I do. Maybe someday he will sell it to me.

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