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Today is what CA is all about, 70 plus degrees, the sun shining and the wife helping me fit the floor in Andre. It doesn’t get much better than this. The Winter Nationals started yesterday in Pomona and the weekend promises more sunshine and 80 degree weather. I plan to watch the Olympics as I am a real fan of Winter sports. The floor project is almost finished so I am taking time off to write this blog.

A friend of mine sent me some pictures of his Vicky when it was in bare metal. I had previously mentioned that I love bare metal cars where you see the talents of a great metal man. Bob Johnson was one of the best and even though he is no longer with us his work still shows up in some form or another. This particular Vicky was passed around to several people and ended up with Gary who decided to take the car to the next level. As projects go, Roy purchased the car for Eric clapton and built a stunning example of a Vicky. While I am not a chopped top Vicky fan this one turned out very, very nice. I hope Roy kept the drip rails as they are precious. Have a look at the car prior to being finished and you will see some nice metal work on a good car to start with. Thanks Gary.

This months Street Rodder has more on the new DMV action against old cars and fraud. I think Brian is doing a great job of keeping everyone informed so we can be sure to keep ourselves out of jail. I think I saw where they are letting prisoners go early…go figure. Rules are rules and we must abide by them, but we all need to stick together and see if we can stop the current “Witch Hunt”. I think all of us would comply with what ever they are looking for but we cannot come up with $21Billion dollars to bail out the State of California. Private party sales will always cost the State money if they don’t set up a system that controls the sale. Most people I know don’t think the State of California is entitled to any more money on old cars. How many times should you have to pay tax on a 1932 Ford? Think about it….set a flat fee for cars in our hobby and get on with life as we know it in the Hot Rod World.

Have a great weekend and …

Stay Tooned!



Here you can see the beautiful Vicky as it came back from Bob’s. I love this look. Gaps and fitment are perfect. All you need now is some primer, blocking and final paint. I think this runs over $40K in the Bay area…maybe more as it has fenders.


The door gaps have been tightened up for that perfect fit.


The front fender crowns have been improved so they match the curvature of the arch.


The rear bustle needed some lead work to make it perfect.


The precious 25 louver hood looks pristine in this picture.


The drip moldings were made perfect. These were later removed and the top chopped on Eric’s car.


Passenger door gaps made perfect by Bob.

Today’s ride…dreaming!


Here is the same car after Roy finished it. The car is truly a masterpiece in craftsmanship. Roy’s team can make it happen.

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