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Rain and more rain. A rainy day makes it hard to accomplish anything in the garage but I am trying to work on the roadster motor again today. I should be able to paint it over next week and install it on Saturday. My friends offered to help me with the installation. Now for today’s feature car.

I correspond with people all over the world and they send me photos of their cars. I really appreciate the input and sometimes they ask if I would mind showing their car on my site. I don’t do it a lot but when a real nice car comes along or someone is in dire straights I usually publish the car. There is no fee as I feel we all need to stick together and keep the old car business alive.

Steve in Illinois has built several Deuces of very high quality and has ventured into the fat fendered era with an outstanding 39 Ford convertible. This car is a Northern CA car with suburb workmanship and style. The pictures pretty much tell the story but I do have a build sheet for any interested parties. If you would like to know more, let me know and I will put you in touch with Steve. The 1939 Ford convertible is one of my favorites and makes a very nice car to drive. This one is mostly stock appearing except for the wheels…here are some photos.

Stay Tooned!



Side profile of one of Henry’s best designs. Not how nice and tight the top fit is. Hard to accomplish on these cars.


Rear end with rumble seat lid barely showing. These tail lights are what hot rodding is all about on a 32 and they are stock on 39’s.


The engine is a SBC with lots of bright work and very tastefully executed. Details are everywhere you look. Nice job.


Grille fit is perfect and makes the 39 so beautiful. I have always liked the 39 front end sheet metal and grille.


Woodgraining on the interior components is very much to my liking. The 39 dash can be as pretty as a 40 and seldom get used. Modern gauges don’t distract from the original design and work much better than the converted ones. The stock steering column with new drop fits the picture.


Rear interior top details show new bows and painted irons. Interior color looks great with the exterior color and woodgraining. What more could you want.

If anyone has any interest in the car and wants a build sheet let me know @ This is a very high end car so the price reflects the build costs.


Alan has my old convert ready for paint. He sure works fast and does outstanding metal work as well as upholstery. I can hardly wait for the finished product.


I have been following this Salt Flats Speed Shop build on the HAMB. A young man with lots of talent.


This is how the 40 top should look. Tim said you lower the bows not the windshield post. I agree.

Today’s Roadster…really.


Mo and the boys in LA getting ready for the weekend. Note the Buick dealership in the background. At least this brand survived. This picture is from Don who took it in 1948 after school.

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