Friday’s Feature

This is a special day for me as I turned 69 years old. Yes, one more year older and a new decade for the old man. I planned to work on my cars but the rain is still coming down and the temperature is below 50. This is a good day to stay inside and dream about what will be at the GNRS next week. I always see lots of cars I really like. Maybe a chopped tudor sedan in black or maroon. There is always lots of roadsters to admire so the days at the show will not be wasted. I hope the rain doesn’t dampen the spirits of the people who drive their cars on Saturday. The outside car show has lots of quality cars to view.

I am still learning to use my new Mac laptop and I am surprised at how different it is than a PC. My son is a great help with the computer and the website. He maintains the server and keeps the programming simple. Thanks, Chris.

BJ has not been very impressive so far but for a weak economy there sure are a lot of nice cars for sale and plenty of buyers. Tonight will be a big night as well as tomorrow. I tape it so I can fast forward to the cars I like. Where do all these cars come from? Some are selling for less than the paint job cost.

I finally received a note from a soure close to the Attorney General’s office about the new CA DMV position on Amnesty for improper registration of vehicles in the past. It seems like if you have a legally registered vehicle you don’t have to be concerned about getting a letter for a review of your vehicle. If you obtained a title, stamped the numbers on your frame and misrepresented the purchase price you may have a problem if you are caught. Time will tell how they determine who is at fault.

I don’t have any new pictures so we can look at some old ones…

Stay Tooned!

The birthday boy.


Nice old 3 window coupe at Pete’s deal in December. The car is local and had a banger motor with dual carbs and headers. This is the neat stuff you don’t see everyday.


Somewhere he lost the front fenders or threw them away like I used to. Fun is the game for today.


Craig asked me why I shoot the rear of cars. One look at Blairs RPU and you know why…Halibrand, of course.


I think this is a SO-CAL Aburn dash but I am not sure. Dash has been extended down for the panel. I like the complete dash board that sits back in the cowl area. Dave has the complete unit in his 34 tub.


Bob has a real Offy in his RPU. He drives this car everywhere and keeps it immaculate. The car has a sound all of its own. He also has a nice Deuce hiboy.


Steve in IL has some nice cars also. This is flower SD that he just finished. Details on his cars are perfect

Today’s Chevy…Tim’s


Tim sent in some pictures of his real 57 FI that he is just finishing. He is waiting to start on another Beford 40. 1957 Chevrolet Fi cars are rare and bring big $$$ at BJ in January.

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