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The house chores are taking too much time but they are required to keep peace with the little woman. She did find some photos from the 2002 LARS which I will share with you. I have the same taste today as I did in 2002. I have always loved the roadsters,coupes and sedans. I went through several coupes both 3 and 5 windows but have always liked the sedan the best. I guess my kids always came first and a sedan was the best fit as they grew older. The delivery vehicles have always been a favorite every since my first one in 1967 at West Point Military Academy. It was love at first site and working for a truck company made it an easy choice.

I hope to put the motor in Lucy next week to see if I can get her registered legally. This should be a real challenge for me and the DMV…a real chassis and title with a fiberglass body and Chevy (pre 73) engine.

Stay Tooned!



This simple little black hiboy caught my eye because of its simplicity. Red interior really stood out and was done by Eddie Martinez.


The preferred parking area always has some neat rides for sale. This real deal was to my liking but not to my pocketbook. I should have jumped on it.


CSR built this one for a customer in Michigan. Motor City Flathead, Tremec 5 speed and Halibrand quckchange. I drove this one and it did move down the hiway without any problem.


This Wescott body 34 roadster from Sonoma was a big hit with a monster small block and mint green color.


Yes, Roy had one of the first model a RPU’s before the current Deuce rage. Edelbrock SBC with lots of hp made it super fast. Roy likes blue cars.


I was into 46-48 SD’s in this time period. Bobby had this super nice model with 3/8 x 3/8 flat motor and C4. The car was super straight. A very rare model.

Today’s ride…dreaming!

I know this is a smoothie but I have always like this car. It is still around but I seldom see it anymore. The car was built in Phoenix area by a home builder but it was perfect. I still would like it in my garage.

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