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As we approach the Holiday, I like to look back at the year and see what I have accomplished. When I was working I would put together a presentation to take to Detroit and show what progress the team had made. The same goes with my car hobby. Basically, I have three projects going and have sold one. The one that went away was a very nice 48 Ford convertible that Alan is finishing. I found him a seat yesterday and being an upholstery by trade I am sure he will make it look beautiful. The body work is finished and the chassis is complete so the interior and paint are next. He can do it all. The car never leaves his garage. The progress on the car even though it is not mine makes me feel good. If I can continue to save old Fords I feel a sense of accomplishment.

The other three cars are in the following steps of the restoration process:

1. 1933 Ford roadster is in the holding pattern and is completely mocked up, ready for bodywork, paint and upholstery. Alan will do the work for me. Progress grade B.

2. 1932 Ford sedan is a real slow project. I have the chassis all mocked up with the parts I want to use but have not welded anything permanently. I have it tacked together and mounted the parts, but I will wait to find the right sedan body before final mock up. This is a very traditional hiboy sedan with dropped I-beam, hairpins, Lincoln brakes, Winters QC with 40 axle tubes. I plan on a 327 with a Tremec 5 speed transmission. I just found one yesterday. I have a Doug Nash 5 speed but it does not have an overdrive. The car will run Firestone 16 inch dirt trackers and ribbed fronts on steel wheels. I have painted the firewall the medium Cabernet red and the parts are waiting for my attention. Progress grade C.

3. 1940 Ford sedan delivery, my focus recently, is coming along nicely. I have some very good friends who have been helping me with the dis-assembly. Each part on Andre has been difficult to remove. Purchasing a car is this condition was not my first choice, but again, if I can save another old Ford I am an easy mark. I was the same way at work. I didn’t know I could not accomplish any task given me. I never failed at work so I still think the same way. Andre is at least warm, dry and has a “cool pad” for the winter. Progress grade B.

Based on the above I would not give myself a bonus this year but would issue myself some Pewsplace Options. I still have lots of GM options to paper the wall with.

It is raining today so I will head to the “Office” to see what the weekend has to offer in the way of car activities…

Stay Tooned!



The 48 convert at Ajax for blasting. The car is now in primer. More pictures next week.


Andre waiting for restoration. Current pictures next week.


Lucy my 33 roadster waiting on me to get going and install the motor. She would like to drive to the roadster show in June.


Here is a sedan I like a lot. Mine will be something like this in style.


This AZ sedan has a different look. Maroon paint looks great.

Today’s ride…next years project.


I would like a nice 40 coupe from Santa. I know he is listening. I can show him where to find a couple of them.

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