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The focus of the world is on Tiger and his roaming eye. I am a big fan of Tiger and I am sure glad he wasn’t driving a Deuce coupe when he hit the fire hydrant (we have lots of Cadillac Escalades). Perhaps we need some dirt to take our minds off the real problems facing American’s today…jobs.

I am not sure how many jobs the Street Rod Industry has lost but I can imagine thousands. SEMA keeps track of these numbers and I am sure felt the downturn at this years event. My solution is for the states to loosen up the requirements for building cars and provide stimulus money for starting a new business building or rebuilding specialty cars. For example, if California would encourage more people to start small business’s by offering incentives we could put some people back to work and rebuild the damaged industry. Blocking water from Central California is not the way to keep people employed. All the fields I saw that were dust bowls could be converted to productive revenue producing land. I try not to talk politics on my blog, but someone has to get involved and make sure our rights as Americans are protected. If we don’t we will wake up with a garage full of worthless cars. Just my thoughts on Friday.

The weather is cooler than normal so coupes and sedans are required, preferably with heaters for today’s ride….

Lets have a look.

Stay Tooned and have a great weekend.



This coupe has heat and A/C. Bob O has the best of the best. Bob drives this one all over the country.


Roy built this one for Don and used a Wescott body. What is wrong with that? Nothing in my mind. Don has had some of the best cars in the area for many years.


Dave on the other hand has had this car since he was a young man. He paid $300 in payments for the car and has held on to it all this years. Dave built this car in his garage and still enjoys driving it to Topper’s once in awhile.


Yes, I know late model, but we need to get used to these cars joining us at the meets. The demographics dictate that the younger crowd (pre 50) really like Tri-five Chevys.


This cutie pie has a nice Moal heater to keep me warm today. Myron really wants one of these cars.


Bruce has them all but this is my favorite of his 3 windows. No heater, but that big Ardun keeps the driver and passenger warm.


Robert’s wife has the early sedan to ride in if the roadster is too cold.


Let’s take the kids for a ride and try to keep the torch burning.


Nice seadan with Art Deco heat and bias tires. One of the early hiboy sedans.

Today’s ride…dreaming.


My children rode in the rumble seat every time we went for a ride. I even put in seat belts.

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