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I received lots of comments about 40 converts from my blog yesterday. I guess I am not the only one who loves the beast. They are not modified by many hot rodders and that is O.K. You don’t need to do anything to a 40 Ford to make a beautiful automobile. A little rake, a little power, a little primer or paint and you have an instant winner. I have one of my favorites for you today.

Yesterday was a good day for me in getting Andre’s dash ready to sent to Lee. The soaking of the screws did not help so I ground off the heads, pulled out the speedo and the screws came right out. The entire dash panel can be saved. I will take it to J&P for some bead blasting and then send it off. Not a hard job but very time consuming. These kind of sub assemblies, if finished ahead of the project make the final assembly days much easier and faster. I am going to try a VDO gauge today to see if it fits in the hole. I am really curious how that works.

I completed the passenger side rear fender and will fit it to the car prior to priming. It looks go so far and it is the fender that came with the car from the factory. The whole car is as built. I like that. Thanks Andre.

Have a great weekend and take your hot rod for a ride. I know some of you will be having the “White Thanksgiving”…

Stay Tooned!



Here is one of my favorite 40 converts. Tim built this jewel a few years ago and when I think of a nice car I would like to own this is the one. Very subtle and rich looking with its Cloudmist Gray paint and tan top.


Motor dressed in Corvette trim is my style and taste. This is what you would do in the era.


The interior is a very simple design to match the cars overall theme. Stock dash with modern column and 40 wheel.


Here is the stock panel I started with. Very nice condition but needs Lee’s touch to be upgraded to 12 volt.


Back side show gauges and speedo. screws (8/32) hold all the gauges and speedo to the panel. Rusted of course.


Here I am hard at work doing the dis-assembly. Dirty job.


Here is the face plate. The rust came right off so Lee can repaint as required. Very solid and hard to fine.


Completed panel ready for blasting. Note 4 small screws that were removed without hurting panel. Andre is a happy guy.


Fender after about an hours worth of effort. Fits good and will require some body work but very good condition.

Today’s ride…dreaming.


Bob did another convert for Mike and it also turned out nice. Solid axle car and stock appointments. I think the cars look good in CMG and Bob has a 50 gallon drum full of the stuff.


Rear view of work in process. No one appreciates what it takes to build a car from the ground up. I am not sure what happened to this car but I think it went back to Colorado for completion. Nice ride and belongs in my garage as a girl friend for Andre.

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