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I certainly had a wake up call yesterday when I received my SEMA update via email. The title was “SEMA and California reach and agreement on titling and registration for Hobbyist Vehicles”. I read it several times and think the building of Brookville hiboy roadsters or any kind of hot rod, street machine, street rod or any other kind of “Hobbyist Vehicle” will not be attractive to many people in California. The agreement is to long to publish but you can read about it on Jalopy Journal. I am not sure how it will be enforced but I know one method would be not to renew your registration without having the vehicle inspected by a CHP office. It appears beginning January 2010 you will have a full year of amnesty to come clean if you have misrepresented your vehicle or how much you paid for it. You will need to fill out a form and pay your fines. It goes something like this. If you had your car built in 2004 and registered it as a 1932 Ford that is not legal in California. All vehicles that are considered “Special Construction Vehicles” have to meet emissions except for the first 500 who are granted and exemption.

I still have a lot of questions but the impact is sure to be significant to our hobby and love of old cars. I don’t have a problem with paying the taxes due on new construction (Brookville bodies, aftermarket chassis, LS3’s etc.) Meeting emissions requirement for a car that travels less than 3,000 miles a year seems a little out of line to me. Would using a a pre- smog engine be exempt? Where are they going to get the personnel and revenue with knowledge to enforce this rule? I am sure more will be published but the price of a newly constructed hot rod just went down by a whole bunch. I would certainly not invest in any car that fell into this category of Special Construction Vehicles which is a question in itself.

On a more positive note I received some pictures of a Deuce collector in Wisconsin that should be of interest to most of you…

Stay Tooned!



Here is a new construction in my mind. Glass body on repo frame made to look old and cool. All new, but is this a 2005 Ford that needs a smog certificate with a flathead.


Here is the WI collector builder. This is the real deal beautiful Old School hiboy roadster but is new construction and a special vehicle as it is not stock.


Nice real deal 3 window under construction.


Another beauty a B-400 under construction. These cars are everywhere… note hood.


The Vicky reminds me of Wayne’s car of the 70’s. Nice stance and appointments to a rare car.


Here is another one of his cars that has the RB look. The rear frame is kicked up and a spreader bar added where gas tank was located. I would guess there are many of these in California garages in about this same state. Where do we go from here.

Today’s delivery…Glen and his dog.


Now this is the real deal and a hobbyist enjoying his passion. The dog looks to be enjoying the ride. Good job Glen.

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