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I was off early this morning to look at Bob’s 40 coupe he has for sale. I have known about this car for over a year but never looked it over very good. I stopped for the BS at the office and then headed to Frantics and Bills shop where the car is stored. Ernie was there and showed me the car.

The is an old hot rod that has not had very good care over the years. It is a solid CA car with some problem areas, mainly the rear floor board has been cut out for some reason. No rust issues but they did cut out a large section of the floor. This could be fixed easily in a day. The car runs and drives and has a 265/powerglide set up which tells you how old it is. This would make a good to car to drive and fix up as you go. Pictures are shown below.

I have been looking for a Deuce sedan body that is chopped for over a year and have not found a good one. I think I have located a fairly good candidate to build a clone of the Henry Astor car shown on yesterday’s blog. I really like this car and it provides room for 4 people or me and lots of junk….sort of a sedan delivery with windows. My father took out the bottom cushion in his and made a plywood floor to haul his fishing gear and dog to the river. Mine will have a seat and dogs are welcome anytime.

I have a couple of people interested in Lucy so I am looking for a 40 coupe or Deuce sedan if the roadster sells. It seems like lots of cars are available right now. I receive photos daily and will post most of them for your viewing. I only feature traditional cars on my site…so

Stay Tooned!



Bob’s little 40 coupe looking for a new home. Adoption is available. Call Bob.


Standard dash looks in good shape. Auxiliary gauges and real Covico steering wheel.


Engine is a 265 with a powerglide and Corvette valve covers.


Chopped tudor would make a good candidate for the Astor clone I want.


This was the original color of Andre.


Bob has an upholster that does nice traditional work.


Very nice standard dash with restored panel.


Here is what Bob’s blue one could look like with a little TLC and some $$$.


Rear view of a Folkstone gray coupe with a touch of brown added.

Today’s ride…dreaming.


33 hiboy at Louisville last year. Very nice car with Lobeck chassis and appointments.

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