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My phone has been very busy with people offering me cars for sale. Maybe it is the time of year or maybe the flame has went out for many car enthusiast. If you don’t drive your cars and feel that possession is not important to you then it is time to sell. The problem is the old car market is real soft except for exceptional cars. I currently have a list of 5 very desirable cars that are for sale. All but one of them is priced way above the market for average cars. Fiberglass Deuce hiboys may have been the rage in the 90’s but there are not bringing the money they did prior to the Brookville and Rod Bod bodies. It is a shame, but in the West, steel cars command a higher transaction price than a glass one. Myself, I don’t care what the car is made of as long as it is nice. Other than a real Henry car they are both repo’s.

The market dictates the selling price in most cases. I see some very good deals on cars on the various sites as well as the local swap meets. I find most of the cars by word of mouth at the “Office”. If you have a car for sale someone will know about it in our group. Networking has always been the best source for locating cars. Sites like ebay, Craigslist and Fordbarn all offer the opportunity to buy or sell a car. Thousand of viewers everyday. How can you miss!

I am very happy with the cars I have and have kept the flame going by doing a little work on them. Yesterday, BobO and John came over and we removed the engine from Andre. Things went smoothly other than the lower two bolts on the rear of the transmission cover. I used to weld the lower two bolts so they would not turn. I did not do anything but provide wrenches to the boys. Total time for removal was about 1 1/2 hours. Lunch at the Burger Express made everything worth while. Now I need to remove the doors and front fenders prior to blasting. Maybe this weekend I will tackle the task. I still need to remove the body bolts and rear floorboards which is another day’s job. This is fun?

Sunday is our last big show for the year. Moorepark is always a good time with lots of cars and old friends. I will try and take lots of pictures for your viewing…

Stay tooned!



This beauty came on the market and left in less than an hour. A good car sells quickly.


Here is the start of the engine removal in Andre. The cherry picker makes short work of the task.


Once out, John removed the Fenton headers for my next flathead powered 40. Hint, hint.


BobO has a lift gate on his truck which makes loading the engine was much easier.


I even worked on Lucy’s top irons. John helped me figure out the corner wrap around header.


I ran across Don’s 37 SD while looking for some seats. He used new Tahoe seats and they look good.


I wonder is this Tudor is still sitting in Boyd’s old shop. I sure liked this car. Boyd built a lot of famous cars in this space.


I think this is the last Eddie Martinez interior that came out of his shop.


I have a couple of these F100 automatic columns but I don’t think they look good with the 40 wheel.

Today’s ride…dreaming.


I hope Larry lets his son’s tudor outside to play once in while. This is a nice car, Lobeck chassis, Winters QC, drilled axle etc.

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