Friday’s Feature

It was late last night for me, 10:00 PM when I saw a message from Tom come through on my email. The first words of the message were 1940 Ford sedan delivery. I knew I had to open it right away as Tom finds more cars than I do. He has a friend that is building a delivery and just picked it up from the paint shop. I should find one this nice. Have a look.

Since we are on the subject of sedan deliveries, have a look at some of Mr. Lane’s beautiful workmanship on Poteet’s delivery. I think this is probably the best one ever built. Don Smith also has a nice one but not quite this nice. IMHO.

Stay Tooned!


Have a great Weekend.

Door number 2 on Monday’s Recap.


Oregon’s 40 sedan delivery fresh out of the paint shop. I wish it were headed to LA.


The important side panels on deliveries must be straight. This is black that takes no prisoners.


The front view looks like everything fits nice. A new Drake grille and you have the best looking sheet metal on a Ford.


Tops on deliveries are notorious for being dented from their commercial use. No signs of damage on this one. I like it!


Nice set up on Poteet’s rear axle assembly. This fits the car theme perfectly. Winter’s Quick Change with EF axle tubes.


WOW! Hugger Orange and killer detail in the engine compartment on George’s delivery.



I still like Gabe’s 39 4 door convertible. Old car, but very nice and very solid. Could be yours for $100K big ones.

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