Friday’s Feature

I was up early to take my wife to the airport so she could catch the morning shuttle to Oakland. The air was brisk and the sun was just peeking through the clouds. Burbank is only thirty minutes away so I knew I could make it back to the “office” in time to meet Bob. We had planned on going out to the Kennedy Boys place in Pomona. I wanted to talk to Jay about doing some work on Andre.

I had made a spacer for Bob’s model A project so I brought it along. Once at Bob’s, I looked at the heavily chopped (5″) body and it sure looked good. More on this project later. We called Joe and headed for Pomona. Once in Pomona we called Lynn to see if he was around but he was down in Orange doing some work on one of his buildings. We passed his shop and went directly to the Kennedy’s Place. Jay had stated they were chopping a new Brookville three window. The project is for SO-CAL in Sacramento. The body was bolted to one of the boys mint Deuce chassis for mock up. Jay has cut the top 2 1/2 inches with the front post leaned back a little. The welding is flawless. No bondo or metal finishing required on this chop. The car sure looked good as a highboy.

After a great lunch at the Mexican restaurant, we stopped at SO-CAL, looked around, purchased some parts and headed home. This makes a great day for Bob and I. Next week we are headed to Unger’s place to do the same thing. Tough life, but someone has got to visit these shops to help me write this Blog.

Have a great weekend and …

Stay tooned!



Brookville body chopped 2 1/2 inches. Metal work is impeccable. I don’t like 3 windows chopped more than 2 1/2 – 3 inches. This looks perfect to my eye and provides lots of head room.


Rear view showing rear window and close fit of body to gas tank. Many late model repo bodies and frames have a large (2+”) gap which looks bad. I have even seen pans made to cover the gap. NO!.. redo the frame rails. You can not see the welds even when looking real closely. Super work.


High end 29 sedan hiboy with Nailhead Buick. Jay made the chassis and did all the metal work on body…extensive. The car sits on the ground and will be a real nice ride when finished.


The car has a model A frame that has been modified to sit really low. Rear end is a Chevy with coil overs.


The seats are aluminum bomber ones that are popular with the younger generation. My back started to ache when I snapped this picture. They look cool.

Today’s Dash…


Steve Davis did the metal work on this 40 Ford dash. He filled in the radio hole. Mine is cut up so I may fill it in as I will not use a radio in this position. The block off plate looks O.K. but is another thing to rattle. Fill it in.

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