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The big weekend is here… Wavecrest and the Outriders Picnic. This is a special time for Jane and I as we have attended these events for over 20 years. We will see old friends, meet some new ones and really enjoy the cars. Just when you think the last event is near you remember that you live in California and car events never end. The Throttlers, Hot Rod Reunion and the Roaming Relics shows are all in October. I hope I can make it to all of them.

Traditional cars are my favorite, but growing old has changed the composite of car shows today. The Camaros, Mustangs, Mopars and many others are being restored and modified to look beautiful. I grew up with these cars and do like seeing them at the events. However, when I get to go to a show that is strictly traditional I stay all day.

Tim, a true 40 coupe lover has started restoring his real 57 fuel injected car. The engine is now back in the car and looks good. I turned 16 in 1957 and Chevrolet was the King in my town. Yes, their were some Ford lovers but Chevy was the most popular. The November issue of Hot Rod has a great write up on the Ford Thunderbolts of the 60’s. Dave has done a great job of bringing back Hot Rod and Hot Rod Deluxe for us old timers. The same issue covers the new equipment available for the 2010 Camaro. The new Mustangs and Mopars also still have a huge following. The cycle continues and I hope will never stop.

Have a great weekend and take the grand kids to a car show.

Stay Tooned!



Tim is making progress on his non 40 project. Chevy fuel injection had the look in 57 and still commands my attention today. Thanks for the update.


Doane’s dash is one of my favorites and must have been a truly magnificent piece in its day.


Stock height 5 window doesn’t look bad as a hiboy. You could at least see out of the windshield.


My high school buddy Dave’s roadster is difficult to see the road. Dave can drive them without looking at the road.


Did you have one of these in your town? We did and I spent all my extra money on parts. Thanks John.


The Auto Fair had a nice coupe for sale. I wonder how much.


Pinkee’s Eric has a nice 27XL race car for sale. Bob is really tempted to head to CO before the snow starts.


Early driving skills event. Goodguys has these at some of his events. I love to watch the cars and drivers.


Was this the first Hot Rod roadster? Thanks John.

Today’s ride…dreaming.


Since I always wanted a sedan hiboy I should step up ($175K) and buy this one.

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