Friday’s Feature

This week has been devoted to working on my back and doing a lot of dreaming. Old age certainly brings on challenges that must be dealt with. I had my first Epidural shot this morning and so far so good.

The Harbor Run is this weekend so I will be headed out to Oxnard for a good time. The venue is very scenic and always draws lot of cars. I will be brief today as I still feel like I am on my second martini.

I would like thank Pete in Ohio for finding me an original left hand SD tail light bracket. It arrived today and fit perfect. One more to go. Wescott makes the right hand side so I may purchase one from Carl.

Have a good one and …

Stay Tooned!



Real deal 32. Ken from Newport has a lot of nice cars. Bright orange paint really stands out.


Lincoln dash looks good for a change.


Mooneyes dragster was there for the cacklefest during the evening hours.


Another slick black roadster. Newer build with late model styling. The top fit really well.


From the Primer Nationals, a Deuce phaeton for the rat rod lovers.


Dennis’s interior shot at the Petersen a few years ago. Mail slot front windshield would be hard to see out of.


Deuce chassis from Bruce’s Rod Shop. This is how to make new look old. New SO-CAL front bolt in x member.

Today’s ride…dreaming.


JJ build photos. This is going to be a great driver. The car should be in my garage.

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