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I have been running ads on the net looking for sedan delivery parts and have had good luck. I am amazed at the number of people who like sedan deliveries. I thought I was one of a handful. I have heard from people all over the country about their deliveries. Thanks to everyone who has responded. I have not made much progress this week due to some health issues but managed to take some more parts off the car. The old guy sat out side a little too long but with TLC can be saved. My wife shakes her head and the neighbors don’t stay very long after viewing the project. They all like my roadster. I like my delivery.

I am headed to Orange County tomorrow for the Labor Day Cruise and should have some good pictures on Monday.

Have a great Labor Day and drive your hot rod.

Stay Tooned!



Old flathead has been rebuilt but not turned over in 30 years. Soaking with Marvel Oil.


Here is a shot of the firewall showing original color. Light blue in 41. I will look up the correct color name. The old guy is all original as all of the fenders etc. are this color. The hood is off a 1940 and was Yosemite green.


Floor is original also but needs replaced. Lots of screws to remove. I need the wife to learn how to do this.


I stripped the running boards of their original covers. Heat and lots of patience. The blaster is the next step before sending to Henry for vulcanized covers. The boards are in mint condition which he likes.


Stripping a little of the paint to see the dents etc. I spent about one hour on this one. Excellent condition ready for blaster.


Trial fit on the car and yes they are the correct fenders for a delivery. Same light blue color from the factory.


Guido sent me some photos of his red delivery. I have seen this car somewhere before. Nice looking with the white wall tires and stance.


Here he is with his 40 coupe buddy. Lovely couple wouldn’t you say.


Rear shot showing 39 tail lights in the body. Mine had these same lights. I will fill and use stock brackets.


Today’s bumper….40/41 SD

Here is the correct rear bumper in my mind. Bob told me this was on the car and he had it rechromed. Flat in the middle to match the rear body pan.


This one has a stock rear 40 car bumper. Note curve of bumper away from body.


This one is a stock car bumper also.

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