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I spend too much time on the internet searching for information. I have found you can locate anything you like if you do some simple searches. I have a passion for the early Lincoln brakes (39-48) and have owned several sets. You used to be able to buy a set of 1941 front backing plates for a $100 but those days are long gone. Wilson Welding makes nice reproductions as does MT Products. The much improved Bendix brakes have always been a big hit and still retain the early look. My new sedan delivery had a set in the front seat and appear to be 1939 models with the deep offset and no water band around the perimeter of the backing plate. Lincoln had three offsets during their production. The rears are all the shallow offset and can be used on the fronts.

The use on early Ford spindles requires the correct backing plate for the spindle. Using 1932-34 Ford spindles requires the early plates with the 3/8 holes. If you want to use the 37-40 Ford spindles then you need the 1941 Lincoln shallow offset and do a little modification to the top of the spindles. You can do this using a grinder. You can also use any rear backing plates and fill the parking brake hole. The WW plates are really the way to go as they are fresh with all new parts. I like to use the Lincoln drums with the ribs as they don’t look as bulky as the Buick’s.

I have found some photos of these various brake set ups and I plan to use one of them on my sedan project. I have the WW finned plates on the roadster and I am tired of that look. The prewar look is the current style for me.

Starting nest Friday I will feature the progress on Andre. I need to get going on this project before I am too old. I promised Andre the first ride. I still need the correct rear bumper. Gary sent me some photos of his and it is correct. Any leads will be appreciated.

Have a great weekend and…

Stay Tooned!



Here is a clean deep inset 39 Lincoln with no water band.


This shows the deep inset which move the wheels in toward the frame. Note neat air intakes and water band. These are later 42-48 front backing plates. This is for my car.


Wilson Welding makes a super set ready to go. Unless you find a deal you can’t beat his price. Going rate at the swap meet for 1941 front Lincolns is about $500-600 without the drums. MT products offers the water band also for an additonal $45 per wheel you must weld on to backing plate.


Here is a set with the Buick drums. I like this but not as well as the Lincoln drums. These are the deep units with spacers installed. MT products has the spacers.


Lincoln drums look correct on open wheel cars. HHR uses them on most of their builds.


The plates look good drilled for that competition look. Lots of work by hand. This is a front and rear pair. Note emergency brake holes.


Several companies offer scoops for the “look”. Holes need to be drilled to be functional.


Rear sedan delivery bumper brackets. Gary is building a very nice delivery and sent me the pictures of his bumper. Thanks.


The bumper is flat in the middle and allows easy access to the rear cargo area. Hard to find and I don’t know of anyone who reproduces the bumper. I have people tell me it is the same as truck but this is not true as I have both bumpers.


Original bumper rechromed. I want one.

Today’s ride…dreaming.


This is what my roadster should look like when done. This is the real deal and nice. Ed also has a nice 34 coupe.

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