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The Bonneville Speed Week is underway and my friend Tom is there with a new 34 Ford roadster he built. Tom is a prolific builder and a true hot rodder. He has several cars of his own and builds several each year for customers. I have known Tom for a long time and he never needs to rest. He has worked very hard his whole life and can now enjoy his retirement. His retirement consist of only working 14 hours a day 7 days a week. The quality of his personal cars is the best. He is the best assembler I have ever seen. I wish him well this week

Recently, my friend Gary, had a chance to take some photos of his home garage. I think you will be impressed with what you see.

Have a look…and…

Stay Tooned!



Tom’s Garage. This is where the Danville Dukes car club was started. Lots of famous people visit this garage on a regular basis.


Tom holds the record in his class with the Deuce 333 car.


He finished this perfect 10 Deuce three window a couple of years ago. This one is over the top detail wise.


Beautiful interior in the coupe. A dark red color with woodgrained dash.


Close up of dash. Tom likes the stock look in his street rods.


Tom has a couple of black 40 coupes that are equally as nice. Bob sold him the stock one and he built the street rod from frame up. The best of both worlds if you like Forties…I do.


This is the way I prefer a 40 dash. Note correct colors and details.


The yellow roadster has been in Tom’s possession since he was 16 years old. His cars are always clean and polished to the hilt. I think Diane must insist on the cars being clean.


Motors are his specialty and he has some spares for the next project. This include bodies and all parts.


In for a tune up is AMBR 05 which he and Moal built a few years ago. Over the top beauty.


Customer’s new B’ville car being finished last week. That is Tom with the apron Diane makes him wear. The phone is permanently attached to his ear.


Detail of chassis and motor. These cars are not inexpensive to build. Hitting 250 mph doesn’t come easy or cheap. That is Tom laying on the floor. Is he finally getting some rest?


While doing all the above Tom is finishing his “Nostalgic” roadster. I love this car. Hemi, 5 speed, QC, springs and steel wheels.

Today’s ride…dreaming!


Track roadster at the GNRS a few years ago. Very nicely done.

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