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I am always anxious to look at my email each day as I sometimes receive some great pictures from people. Today, I received some photos from Lou in Idaho of some deliveries. Lou shares the same passion as I do for the beast. I think he holds the record for owning the most 40 deliveries. Thanks, Lou and Glenn.

I really have no plans for today except maybe a trip to the Model T swap meet in Long Beach. I need an A spring and there are usually lots of them at this event. I should have picked up one at the LARS but the spring was too heavy for me to carry all the way back to the car.

With the wife gone, I can relax more than I should, but she left me with the pool drain problem that is keeping me busy. I simply hired the gardener to do the job. It seems like whoever built the pool dumped the leftover concrete in the drains and filled them half full. There goes my savings. I know most of you save for your big parts but even little parts like a radiator cost lots of money today. Obama states people are paid too much in salaries but it seems like the cost of goods and services continue to rise. How does that work…lower salaries and raise prices, gas, oil, food, car parts.. etc. If we are to compete in the third world market then we will need to become one. I have taken a cut in my pension for Obama bailing out GM and I am grateful to still have a pension, but come on, this is not the way to run a railroad. Enough politics.

Here are Firday’s Features.

Stay Tooned!



Stewart’s beautiful 1940 sedan delivery with a 300 hp flathead motor.


Someone did an excellent job of finishing the wood for the rear floor. This has the Marty Moore look I like.


Chopped tudor at GG in WA. Nice ride with white walls and radair wheels.


Different color Posie built phaeton. Why don’t they build more of these cars? Wescott makes it easy.


Here is the way to buy a sedan. This is a floor to die for. I could cut this one up in about and hour. SANO!


Another WA car with a slick QC view. Car was for sale on epay but didn’t meet reserve. Neat touches everywhere you look


Close up of Champ with adapters. This is the best of the QC’s IMHO.


Note neat cast 4 bar brackets and tapered 4 bars.

Today’s ride…dreaming.


This is one to match Tom’s new car. Nor-Cal built and right on the money with the pre-war look.

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