Friday’s Feature

While helping Bobo with his top I decided to do a feature on his cars and garages. Bobo always has an assortment of projects going. He has the sickness real bad and the only cure is another car to work on. The front garages are split between cars and motorcycles. He also has an in-ground pit and lift to do the hard jobs. He recently changed the Columbia in his 40 pickup on the lift. Bob doesn’t own a car that doesn’t have chopped top. Henry made them all too tall for Bobo. He did not chop his recent 40 coupe or we would have shot him.

His current collection of cars include: All of these cars are chopped.
# 1932 Ford 5 window coupe
# 1932 Ford roadster
# 1950 Mercury
# 1940 Ford pickup
# 1930 Ford coupe (project)

He enjoys life after retiring from his successful Cartage Company and spends everyday at the “office”.

Have a look…and a great weekend.

Remember,take the wife to dinner tonight and you can buy another car tomorrow.

Stay Tooned!



Bobo’s car garage. From left to right are 5 window, Mercury and roadster. All steel and hot rods with tuck and roll interiors and lots of chrome. The Deuce frame is for his model A coupe which is the latest project.

[singlepic=2766] [singlepic=2769]

Engines fine their way into Bobo’s garage. He has them everywhere. Chevy’s and flathead’s are his favorite.

[singlepic=2771] Old LA street pictures are placed on the walls. This particular one shows Nitti’s famous roadster with Bobo’s wife, Marilyn, posing for the photo. She still is a perfect “10” and keeps him in line…sort of.


Here is his chopped “high school” hot rod. Daily driver to the office for BS.


Detailed engine compartment in the Mercury. Blown SBC with Long radiator.


Mercury was built for Bobo and has the early LA look. Nice profile.


You have seen his 5 window in many of my blogs. He takes me with him when my back is doing O.K.


Current roadster that he is installing the top on. He has another top in one of his garages so maybe he will by a new roadster for Marilyn.

Today’s find…actually looked at this one yesterday. Nice sheetmetal.


1941 SD stored since 1969. Very straight but also very pricey. I need my Obama stimulus check. I wonder he would accept GM stock.

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