Friday’s Feature

With all the gloom and doom in the world today thank goodness we have our old Fords to love. He is Friday’s Feature.

Don’t let the market sell off concern you. Your old Ford is still a good investment and will provide years of pleasure which is priceless. The 401K is a hole which you put money in and watch it go away.

Have a great weekend.



1939 4 door sedan made into a wild custom with lift off top.


Rear view of car showing 4 inch section, chopped top, rolled fenders and a host of other custom features.


Door detail making it a convertible sedan.


Nice blending of top into body after the chop.


Interior showing dash and detail…not finished.


Top had to be stretched so a piece was added. This is no small job. Metal work was perfect.


Old customs need a nice flathead to make it go.



More 40 Fords on Monday

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