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Next Friday is the big day. The LARS kicks off and roadsters will be everywhere. I can hardly wait. I hope all of you plan on attending to see the cars, meet old and new friends, buy a few parts and really enjoy yourself. Each year is better than the year before. Don’t worry about the economy or anything, just spend a few hours (or days in my case) to completely relax. I keep these memories for a whole year. For those of you who don’t make it, I will run plenty of photos for you to enjoy.

I have spent this week working on the sedan chassis and have made some progress. The rear spring, a Model A, is challenging to install and still have tire clearance. The long spring hangers are too close to the tires unless you move them in about an inch on each side. The stock spring, which I have, should be mounted about 48 inches from eye to eye but this is tight unless you use the short 32-34 type spring hangers. My friend Bill, who built Lobeck’s historic Deuce Hiboy chassis in the 70’s sent me some photos of how he does the installation. I finally selected the longer hangers and mounted them at 46 inch centers. I will have the main leaf re-rolled to fit the application. The car needs to set fully loaded with the shackles at 45 degrees. This, combined with a worked spring will provide a great ride….(per Tom). I have ridden in several A spring cars and found the ride to be very stiff, but I gotta have the look on this car. The longer spring hangers move the X-member back behind the rear seat so as not to interfere with the seat. All of the mounts have been fabricated and tacked in place. Next week I will do the final welding.

Have a great weekend and…

Stay Tooned!



Here is the long version of the spring hangers. Puts spring close to tires unless moved in as these are. This is the way I went to clear the seat in the sedan.


Bill uses the short version 32-34 to keep the brackets inside the backing plates. You can use the stock spring with this set up. You will need to clearance the crossmember to clear the shocks.


Here is the installed short hangers in Frank’s 33. Note T spring, shackle angle and shocks.


Ionia chassis. This is a work of art. I hope they have a chassis at the LARS.


Paul at SS sent me his car of the day. A Chey hiboy.


Here is the average Deuce owner’s driveway. Note the parts car.


Kirk’s 33 Mexican Blackbird. Nice ride. See his website.


Rear view with columbia rear axle. Maybe he will be there Friday night at SO-CAL.


JJ photo winner of tech week. He built the top for the cool ride. See JJ.

Today’s ride…Dreaming.


John and Bob both want one of these. 27 T’s are really neat and go way back to the “Roaring Roadsters”.

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