Friday’s Feature

The Lakers were right on the money last night and hopefully will make this a quick finals. I know some years I have had a TV at Father’s Day to watch the finals.

This morning it is raining again. We need the rain but it sure makes taking the roadster anywhere for lunch a chore. I have to make a run for parts today so I can get something done over the weekend. Parts chasing is fun and usually takes up most of the morning if I just stay in the Valley. Pomona is a different place and usually involves lunch at Joey’s or the Mexican joint. I actually need to go to SO-CAL for some parts so it may be a long day. The ever important list is a must for parts chasing. Did you ever notice that you never get everything on your list but you always purchase the things you need the least. For example, I need some new housing ends, P&J brackets, model A spring, etc. I will probably come home with shackles a front axle and spring. Sometimes I leave the list in the car and buy what I fall in love with, not what I need for today. SO-CAL has a new front axle that looks good and I should have one of those even though I am working on the rear end. Priorities are required to make progress and conserve cash. I never follow rules anymore.

Well, I better get going as I must stop by the office to see what is up for today.

Have a great weekend and…

Stay Tooned!



Bob Drake’s old Deuce Phaeton. I sure like these cars, but they are not being built anymore…maybe too windy for the wife.


Pat has his car painted now so I am sure he will have it in the show. He has been working on this car for years and finally has it done.


Dick will have his black beauty in the preferred parking area. Look for this one as it is real nice.


Lobeck sold this one out here a few years back. Very nice fat fendered ride. My friend Larry also purchased one from Barry and still has it in his garage along with a collection of Deuces.


Tom had a hand in both of these Deuces. The roadster was a contender for the GNRS and the sedan is a recent built now for sale at Andy’s place in BH. The cars are very detailed and have the early look.


Here is the line up to get in on Friday. The walk up and down the lines is worth the wait. This old pre-war roadster caught my eye. I think this is the Long Beach Swap meet owner’s car.


The Rolling Bones group are usually at SO-CAL on Friday night. They have the look that no has copied exactly. They have the process down pat.


Lobeck’s old hiboy, now owned by Bruce. I sure wish he would have restored the car back to the original form. It looks good now and it is his car so that’s O.K. Some day he may change it. I know Barry agrees with me.

Today’s Ride…Dreaming


Bubba’s Brizio built latest roadster. Black and signature Brizio. I love it.

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