Friday’s Feature

Friday is here and it promises to be a great weekend. Back to Beach is tomorrow and I plan to head up there in the morning. Of course, the big news for me will be GM, my old employer, filing bankruptcy. Hard to believe but in this day and age everyone is doing it. The automotive publishers, automotive manufacturers and suppliers have no choice as they simply cannot compete with foreign made products. I have not heard of any street rod companies going under, but I am sure some will not make it in these tough economic times. Lets all go out a buy something to make sure they stay around after the storm is over.

I am still working on the quick change to put in my sedan project. I am hung up on axle ends. I need to use 9 inch Ford ends but I I don’t want the big 2 inch Dutchman ends as the car has an old hot rod theme. I called Currie and they sell used ends from the early rear ends. I plan on going there next week and picking up a set. I have the alignment bar and bushings to set it up so I am ready to go.

The model A spring is also a problem. The last one I built was in 1978 and I forget the spring length and mounting hanger distances. I am thinking of using a Posie spring mounted on 44 inch centers. I will just tack the parts to check the spring angle with the shackles.

The last decision I need to make is the gas tank. Sedans can look odd with the gas tank hanging out, but I like them. No gas tank inside for me.

Cloudy today, so I will take the sedan for parts chasing.

Have a great weekend and …

Stay Tooned!



Here is the stock gas tank hanging out in the wind. Looks O.K.?


DV has his tank behind the rear seat. Rolling Bones look.


Pinkee had a radical looking sedan a couple of years ago at the GNRS. Metal work was crafted around the quickchange.


Another rear tank on this beauty. Skinny wheels help the look.


Final one with no tank. Another RB beauty. This car was the second one out of the RB shop. Flathead powered. See RB website.

Today’s ride…Dreaming.


Four door on the road to pickup parts. No paint required…too expensive.


For Sunday – Harry’s wheel standing 5 window. My first real love for the 5 window. This car was mint and fast.


Since it is almost roadster month maybe this one will be my choice for the show. Ray’s hiboy 33.

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