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Memorial Day Weekend is a great time to start the BBQ, invite over a few friends and open a cold one. After a few cold ones the BS can start in the garage about your big plans for the project that has been sitting here for several Memorial Days previously. Good things take a while to happen, so don’t give up. More cold ones will help.

There are lots of car events this weekend, the biggest being the Santa Maria meet. I am not going as I have to stay home and tell stories in my garage. I think the HAMB will have full coverage by Saturday. Many photographers on the HAMB haul their computers in their rods and send pictures every night. The computer age is wonderful. You no longer have to wait three months to read the write up in magazines. I think the internet has hurt newspaper and magazine sales. Advertising is so much cheaper on the net and reaches more people. Think about it.

I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday weekend. Take the kids or wife out for a ride in the hot rod. You will have the time of your life and people will envy you for driving your dreams.

Drive safely.

Stay Tooned!



Brizio’s back lot. 1934 Ford roadster, old build with Wescott body. Roy must have built this one in the 80’s. Very nice looking ride. The whitewalls and chrome wheels were popular in my day.


Washington blue hiboy was a standout in the mass of red and black roadsters. BBC was the power for this Rod Bod beauty.


A Dearborn Deuce was inside sporting the same color combination. The car was fresh and looked fantastic with its Sids interior and highly polished paint. These make a comfortable ride.


Roy had a small hemi going in his latest creation. I think he will be ready for the PRC next year.


Hard to believe but the stock pedals, K member, and 39 box are in big $$$ demand these days. How many have you discarded in your past?


Rear floor work required for the QC and sway bar mounted in this Ardun powered Deuce sedan. Mint body to start with. Yes!


Front floor area, dash detail and steering column set up for the Ardun sedan. Roy’s crew can handle it all in house.


Mumfords Track T will be powered by a V8 60 Ardun head Ford. This will be a very nice ride when completed.


Getting ready for the weekend in the mountains. Is that snow on the mountains? Yes it is.

Today’s ride…dreaming


A young man needs a racer for the holiday races. This must have been fun to drive. Thanks JF for photos.

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