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The old photos of the streets of LA in the 40′ and 50’s seems to get all the old dogs excited and even some young guns. John has quite a collection and I will share more of them with you today. Rain is forecast for tomorrow but the roadsters will go rain or shine in true tradition. I plan to arrive early and watch the whole part. I can only imagine what is was like in the early days as the Midwest was not big on roadster shows. I am truly grateful for the people of the PRC to reinstate this super event. This and the LA Roadster Show in June make my year. While completely different in approach the theme of driving your roadsters to a show is how it was meant to be…fun with your car and pride in your efforts to display the talents you have. Sure many new cars are shop built, but that doesn’t bother me. The owner has invested a great deal of money to enjoy the ride so let’s not condemn them for wanting to have some fun. The person who enjoys a roadster regardless of design and final quality is O.K. in my book.

Enjoy the show and…

Stay Tooned!



One thing you had to have was the rolled up cuffs on your jeans. We also had the Harley Boots.


Doane’s early roadster. Note tank on back and non z’d frame.


Full fendered and full figured ladies were a nice touch for the roadster crowd. They are both beauties.


A boy and his 5 window. See how proud he looks. He probably spent all the money he made on his car. The girlfriend paid for the show and lunch.


Here the boys are on the street having fun.


Axle Stewart in his famous Deuce now owned by John.


Doane again in the racing position with the motorcycles. I know who would win this one.


1959, the year of my high school graduation. Deuces and Forties. Perfect combination.

Today’s ride…dreaming


This will be a fun day for sure. See you on Monday.

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