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I have been working on the sedan chassis trying to decide where to mount the front radius rod tabs. I built teardrops on the 34 to take your eye away from the gap below the cowl. I looked at several old photos and most of the mounts were installed below the frame rail. I decided to build a set and see if I liked them. I also was determined to use tie rod ends rather than rod ends or P&J type bolt through bushings. I spent about 4 hours fabricating these mounts but they come out nice. I need to have them reamed for the taper found on early Ford tie rods and they will be finished.

The weekend is coming and the swap meet season is here. Saturday is the Trompers meet in Eagle Rock and Sunday is Long Beach. Yes, I know it is Easter Sunday but swappers go early and are home in time for lunch and church. Sunrise service is also available on the way. Lots of good parts are showing up in this stale economy. The problem is no one has any money to purchase as the prices are still very high for Deuce parts.

I am writing this early as Bobo and I are off to the Kennedy’s to pick up his frame. I know it will be done correctly as Jason does super work.

Stay Tooned!

Have a great weekend driving your hot rod and Happy Easter.



Here are the parts required to fabricated the frame mounts… 3/8 x 1 1/2 CRS, 7/8 x .156 wall DOM tubing and tie rod ends.


I cut out the brackets with a plasma cutter and step drilled the hole for a tight fit. A step drill is the best way to go for a large hole. I am waiting for my mill to arrive but Obama hasn’t sent it yet.


Here is a picture of the two types of fasteners I had to choose from. I selected the beautiful SS tie rod end. These are available from several sources. I purchased these on epay.


Here is the finished product. I hope to weld them on this weekend. Stay tooned.


I wonder how Don is coming on his roadster project? Looks good so far. Body has lots of modifications.


Reminder Pasadena Roadster Club Reliability Run is May 2, 2009. This is the one to see.

Dreaming…today’s ride.


My choice for today is a nice sedan. I forgot the fenders. Note the frame mounts for the radius rods. I like it. “Old Skool” as Bobo would say.

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