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The older I get the more I dream about the cars that got away. I have owned well over a 100 cars and loved everyone of them for a little while. Some of them were very nice and some were very bad but were all special too me. My wife always supported me as the buying and selling of cars helped support my addiction in the early days. Today, I wish I had found a way to store some of them rather than invest in the company’s 401K plan. I have no regrets of selling the Deuce 3 windows and five windows to finance a roadster, but today with Brookville making the roadster and 3 window body both cars are still obtainable for a reasonable amount of money. I do however regret selling my 48 Ford convertible. Jane and I had a fun time in the car with no problems. I was looking through some of my files and ran across the build pictures after I retired. I thank my friend Gary for finding the car for me and hopefully I will have another someday.

I am headed for Wavecrest tomorrow in Huntington Beach. Jane and I will be “Hanging Ten” on the Pier.

Stay Tooned!



Here is my 48 in the garage for the transformation from flathead to Chevy.


Engine mock up for motor and transmission work. I had all ready installed the dropped axle and split bones with the flathead.


Painted where it sat. What a mess in the garage. The wife is still complaining. Came out nice using Centari.


Hot 327 built by me was installed and hooked up to a 350 transmission. Good combo for this car.


Finished car with black tires and red wheels on one side and maroon on the other side. Tan with white walls was the finished product. Such decisions we have to make. The total project took 3 months and cost net about $3K. I was able to sell the stock motor, transmission, Columbia etc. for a bunch. Thanks Bob.


This is why I have a bad back. The wife is also pushing my new Woody project. I miss this one a lot. Bill made it real nice.

Dreaming … on the road.


Henry’s hammered tudor sedan. I have seen this one and it has the look.

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