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Walt called and asked if I remembered a 32 3 window that Boyd built in the 1980’s and I told him that Boyd built several while I was in business with Boyd. Walt said he had some pictures of the car and would send them to me later in the day. It seems he was interested in trading one of his Boyd cars for this 32 now owned by Butch in New York. I never thought much about it until later in the day when I looked at the pictures. The car is red with flames and was sitting on a Boyd chassis but something about the firewall was familiar to me. I went upstairs and looked at some pictures of my 3 window when it was at Steve Davis’s shop in the early eighties. This was the same car that I had sold Boyd in order to build my roadster. Small world.

I had owned this car for many years and purchased it back several times. When I moved to California, I took it to California Street Rods to have some work done by Chuck and his crew. Projects like this take some time so while I was busy at work the car sat at Chuck’s for several months until I was introduced to Steve Davis the “super metalace” and he convinced me to chop the top and make the firewall, etc. The car was in his shop for another year and was finally finished. I brought the car home and purchased a sedan as my family would not fit in the coupe. I had started to do some custom trucks with Boyd and he immediately had to to have this car with absolutely no rust or patch panels, perfect floor and supreme metal work. Being a traditionalist, I was sorry that I had it chopped so I sold it to Boyd and started a Boyd 32 sedan phaeton later turned into a Wescott roadster which went on to compete in the GNRS in Oakland.

The car was sold to a man named Smith in Macon, Georgia who took it out of Boyd’s shop and had someone else paint and finish the car. I had not heard of the car until Walt called. I hope he buys it….not cheap.

Here are some photos.

Stay Tooned.



My 32 3 window at Steve Davis Cars in Huntington Beach, CA Circa 1985


23 years later in New York. Red with flames and a perfect body.


Steve Davis firewall, $1500 back then. I should have kept the stock one.


The new owner bobbed the rear fenders, NOS, and rolled the pan in order to see the Boyd rear suspension.

Dreaming $$$$$$


From Kirk White’s website a super 33 highboy. I hope he brings it to Father’s Day. How big are those rear tires..18?


Blown flathead for the Mexican Road Race. Does anyone know the history of this car?

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