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I am writing this on Thursday night as I seem to be able to sit for a longer period of time at night than the early morning hours. I spent most of the day putting wire in the roadster, making harnesses, and ty wrapping the wires. Ty wrapping can be time consuming but I like to put them every 2 inches. I couldn’t decide whether to use black or white so I tried each and had the wife make the decision. This keeps her involved in the hobby. She liked the white as they don’t stick out from the color wired they hold. White it is. If you have ever wired a car then you know not to put the ty wraps on until you have all the wires in place. I have cut apart many runs where I forgot a wire. I am making my own harness, so I don’t have a “Painless” kit. I will learn next time.

I still have not taken any pictures as I am not proud of the work so far. I will improve next week and show off my Pewplace Wiring Kit.

My friend Bob, has been buying 40 Ford coupes again and has two of them for sale. Both are very nice cars and need new homes. I have enclosed pictures for you to pass around to your rich friends. John, my custom friend and fellow QC, Tub lover sent me a nice photo from the Pomona Swap meet. He can find them. Gary, the Woody builder has his 37 at the upholstery shop and the car is looking good. He promised pictures this weekend. All in all in was a good week and I received some nice pictures.

I hope to include video’s on this site in the new version so …

Stay Tooned!



This is a very nice high end 40 coupe that Bob is selling. If interested call him at 626-791-0707. He takes trades.
The car has a super black paint job with the 350-350, MII, 8 inch and WW tires with red steelies.


Another pair Bob has for sale are these beauties. A nice 40 standard coupe and a 56 F100. Both cream puffs.


Here are the 40 SD taillight brackets from Wescott. Very nice reproductions as usual from Karl.


You never know what will show up at Pomona. Nice old Mercury custom with chopped top. Great project. The wife won’t mind…tell her you can make a fortune.


Clone of Pete Eastwood’s Deuce. I like it a lot. Pete has a nice tudor at the present time I believe.


From the Jalopy Journal here is a nice “Cheap” project Deuce.


[singlepic=2048] [singlepic=2049]

Can’t decide which I would prefer. I have had both and liked the convert the best due to the added small rear seat. Opera seats are not big enough for adults my age.

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